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    Print data from the Hornady 4DOF app

    Hi, i would like to print a ballistic card with the Data from the Hornady 4DOF app on my phone. Is there a way to do it or not? (Share or export function like other app have). I need a paper range card i can use. Thanks for your help Jp
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    Gunslinger II + Gossamer G-Type Frame

    Hi guys, i am wondering if some of you added the Gossamer G-Type Frame to their Gunslinger II pack. It seems more confortable with it. Thanks for your advice
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    Hi guys, Does any body use this Arca rail from Magpul ? How does it compare with other brands such as HRD GEAR, AREA 419, etc Thanks
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    Magpul pro 700 chassis issues

    Hi guys, i recently put my Remington 700 varmint 7-08 cal in a Magpul pro 700 SA chassis. It was previously in a AICS with no issues whatsoever. I have an issus with feeding with any mags. original AICS 10 rounds and plastic 5 & 10 rounds PMAGS my reloads are the same lengins as they used to...
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    Issue with Feisol CRETAC Picatinny Rail to Arca-Swiss Adapter

    Hi guys, Anybody having issues with their Feisol Picatinny Rail to Arca-Swiss Adapter being loose when mounting on the RRS TA-3 levelin base? Mine seems too narrow and move back and forth. Any idea what can be done? Thanks
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    Feisol 3372 base or ballhead?

    Hi, Need your feed back to help me choose the right ball head or leveling base for the Feisol 3372. Photos would help. Thanks
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    Advice for Leofoto tripod base or head

    Hi guys, I need advice for a head or leveling base for a Leofoto model LN-364C tripod. Thanks
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    ARCA plate for AIAW

    Hi, Does anybody use a ARCA plate on an Accuracy International AW rifle? I am looking for a way to mount one. Thanks
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    Hello I just received a new barrel in 260 rem for my AXMC from AI UK I tried to mount the barrel to the action but there is something wrong. When the barrel is screwed all the way, a cartridge cannot be chambered neither a Forster field gauge1.638. To chamber I have to unscrew the barrel , is...
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    is a 75 moa mount too much?

    Hi Guys, I purchased a Picatinny AI scope mount with 45 moa (5665) that i use on a TRG with 0 moa rail Do you think i can use it on the AIAXMC with 30moa rail? I am using it with a S&B 5-25 MTC That will make 75 moa. Is it too much Thanks
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    Shortening a Parker Hale or AI bipod

    Has anybody shortened a Parker Hale or AI bipod? I find mine to be too high when shooting in the prone. Thanks for your help
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    Scope mount for AR15 with S&B 3-12

    Hi guys, What mount do you suggest to mount a S&B 3-12 to an AR15? Thanks for your help jp
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    TRG 42 (folding stock rear monopod)

    Hi, I have a TRG42 with original folding stock. I do not like to shooting with the rear rest monopod and prefere using a sand sock instead. Has anybody removed it yet? If yes, please help me because i have no clue how to do it. Thanks...
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    TRG 42 FOLDING STOCK ( removing the rear rest)

    Hi, I have a trg 42 with original folding stock. I do not like to shooting with the rear rest monopod and prefere using a sand sock instead. Has anybody removed it yet? If yes, please help me because i have no clue how to do it. Thanks...
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    What Horus reticle for S&B?

    What horus reticle do you suggest for a S&B 5-25 or a 3-20? H59 or H37? Thanks for your help
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    Picatinny rail on AIAW

    Has anybody instaled a picatinny rail on a AIAW? At the time i bought mine, i went with the regular dovetail mount instead of the picatinny one. Now, i wish i could swap scopes between rifles. Anybody did it? What is needed? Thanks
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    Problem on S&B 5-25 with Locking Turrets

    I just got my scope last week. I have tried to reset the turrets to zero but without succes. I unscrewed the 2 big screws on each turrets but then nothing come off. Any idea how to free the turrets to set them to zero? Thanks...
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    45 moa AI mount for TGR 42 (338lm)

    I have purchased a used TRG 42 in 338lm with a 0 moa pica rail. I intend to use a 45 moa cant AI Mount (5656) with a S&B 5-25 scope. I wich to know if some of you guys did use that set up. I want to make sure the scope clears the barrel, etc... Thanks
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    S&B reticle H2CMR vs P4L fine

    Anybody has experience with these 2 reticles? what would you choose in a 3-20x50? Thanks
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    What S&B Scope for TRG42??

    I recently purchased a TRG42 in 338lp. I wonder what magnification to take for the 338. I plan on shooting at 1500 meteres with it. I was thinking about the new 5-25 or the new 3-20. What is your idea? What reticle P4f, MSR? Thanks