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  1. J

    WTB: AXMC 308 barrel

    Dave Tooley made one for me recently. Great barrel, great service. Contact by PM here.
  2. J

    Precision rifle with factory match vs hand load

    The powder was mostly +-.5gr each. There were a few that were close to a grain. I seated 5 thousands shorter than they were originally as that’s what the setting was on my dies that day. I shot those at 600 yards with very little vertical, although I didn’t chrono them. It was mostly an...
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    Precision rifle with factory match vs hand load

    I recently pulled the bullets on a 200 count American Gunner 140 Creed factory bulk box. Then I reprocessed them by weighing the charges to .05gr or less variance. After reseating the same bullets, the groups were less than half what the ammo originally shot. Whether it was the powder charge...
  4. J

    Berger 130gr VLD Hunting

    I’ve used a few thousand in 6.5 x 47L. They are a little sensitive to jump but you’d probably never notice shooting steel within practical range of a Creed- 1000-1200 ish yards. I moved to hybrids, but never worried shooting with vld’s.
  5. J

    Redding Instant Indicator vs Calipers + Comparator

    I like it for case sizing on a Dillon 650/750. Gives instant readout as I go.
  6. J

    Bobcat Armament

    I often see people asking about Dillon reloading equipment. If you need a dealer to work with, give a look. Kimball allowed me to trade an older, but well loved S1050 on some new equipment that better suited my current needs. The communication and customer...
  7. J

    Why would I want an undersized 9mm die?

    I didn’t make any other changes. The seating pressure seems normal. It gives a bit more grip to lead bullets in 357, I think. But nothing you’d need to compensate for.
  8. J

    Why would I want an undersized 9mm die?

    I’ve used the 9mm and 40 U dies for thousands of rounds. I bought one because my bulk loaded rounds wouldn’t always fall free from the case gauge. I’m not sure it’s always needed but it doesn’t seem to hurt anything. Everything goes in and out of the gauge much easier so I’m guessing it could...
  9. J

    WTB 338 Lapua reamer

    I know you’re probably looking for used, but you can’t go wrong calling Dave Manson Reamers. They had all of the above in stock and at my house in two days when I needed them. Price was fair. Customer service was very knowledgeable. Rare these days.
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    Reloading setup from scratch on a $1500 budget

    You could really use a reloading mentor. I’m sure someone on the hide is in your area. A few reloading sessions would really save you time and money while trying to figure it out on your own. I couldn’t tell you how much I’ve spent on reloading to use just a few of the same things routinely.
  11. J

    Reloading setup from scratch on a $1500 budget

    I'd pick a chargemaster, a Dillon 550c, and whatever Lee dies and conversion kits you may need.
  12. J

    Hornady one shot case lube.

    Acetone bath works. Probably 8oz for 100 cases and dries quickly.
  13. J

    Does +/- .1 grain matter?

    I would imagine it has to do with overall charge as well. A 338 Lapua would seem more tolerant than a 6br. A very small percentage of slow burning powder would seem trivial.
  14. J

    300 Norma Mag best twist rate

    Give Dave Tooley a message. He can give advice and also make the barrel. He’s made several for me. Great service.
  15. J

    300 Norma Mag best twist rate

    I’ve shot up to 230 hybrids fine from a factory AI barrel at sea level.
  16. J

    Axmc single shot follower

    I wonder if a 3D printed version would hold up? Great idea.
  17. J

    300 Lapua Magnum?

    I still shoot this caliber a fair amount. It’s not been as hard on barrels as I’d have guessed. You’re limited to making your own ammo for this gun. I have my own reamer and custom Whidden dies from that reamer. Cases are made by first necking down new 338 Lapua brass in a Hornady 30 cal...
  18. J

    What 2011?

    Happy with Atlas and CK Arms here. My skill doesn't warrant any more custom than that.
  19. J

    Mr bullet feeder for pistol

    It takes bit to learn the adjustments. Try getting a magnetic angle finder and adjust the "tilt" in the mount. The profile of the bullet matters too. FMJ are more consistent than flat point for me. 7 in 500 isn't bad in my experience.
  20. J

    300wm VS 300rum < 2k yds

    The Rum will launch a 230 hybrid at 3000+ FPS from a 30” barrel. I don’t think a 300 win with a 215 would outperform past 1000 yds. I shoot a 30-338 Lapua with similar case capacity. 230 Berger at 3125 FPS from a 29”. It’s just barely supersonic at 2000 yards. I think it comes down to...