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    Kestrel Kydex Holster

    Just purchased a Kydex Holster for my new Kestrel Sportsman Weather Meter from Long Shadow Holsters. A quality product to carry and protect your Kestrel. Many colors and different attachment options available also. You will not be disappointed. Check it out.
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    Monfrotto to Arca adpter

    I have a Manfrotto R322 head in my tripod. I would like to know if there is an adapter to use my Manfrotto quick release mechanism with an adapter to use an Arca rail on my rifle.
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    Kestral 5700 set up help

    I just received my Kestral Sportmsman/5700 and have a set up question. I hade done the compass calibration sequence. I read the reading the direction displayed in degrees, just want to confirm the I should Set mode to magnetic and not true north? Set the variation to my geographic magnetic...
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    Vectronics Terrapin X

    Anything new from them at the Shot Show. IE: updates, new model capabilities etc?
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    WTB: Sunshade for Premier Scope

    Looking for 50mm Sunshade for Premier Reticle scope.
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    Prime Ammo

    Anyone have an update on Prime Ammo? Their web site still has Vegas address and I thought they moved to Clarksville TN. Web site shows no ammo in stock. Anyone???
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    Outdoorsmans Tripod

    Wonder is anyone has used these and how they rate??? They are made of aluminum. The seem well built, but I have never seen a review.
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    Arc Light GTG

    Just completed a smooth transaction with Arc Light. Everything delivered as promised. He even followed up with me to confirm I received the item and was satisfied. Feel confident with any dealings with Arc Light.
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    Kerstral 5700 or Kilo 2400

    Just wondering. If I purchase a Sig Kilo 2400 I believe it has applied ballistics in it and works with a smart phone and the Sig 2400 range finder. If I already have an old Kestral 4500 without bluetooth or any ballistic software. What would be the pro's and con's to having just one device...
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    Barrel Tuners (Rubber) Fact or Fiction

    I know barrel tuners work on 22lr. I myself have used the BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) system successfully. I see hunters use rubber "donut" de-resonator style barrel tuners on their rifles. Just wondering what the experience is out there. Are they legit or Mumbo Jumbo?
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    22lr chamber iron

    I am looking for a 22lr chamber iron tool. Brownells no longer carries the Tom Menck 22 Chamber Ironing Tool. Thanks
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    Can anyone recommend a quality pair of goggles. I live out in the desert and frequently it is very windy and need a good set of goggles. Are there any scratch resistant lenses and recommendations of different tints? Thanks in advance
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    Nikon X1000 Scopes

    Just saw Nikon has returned to the scene with 2 new tactical scopes. A 4-16x50 and a 6-24x50. Unfortunately right now, it appears they are 30mm tube Second Focal Plane scopes with 17 mils of travel. (Hopefully a Front Focal Plane option is in the works.)They seem to be priced very competitively...
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    AI Dovetail Scope Mount Torque Values

    Hello, Does anyone have the AI recommended torque setting for the side dovetail bolt clamp bolts and the top ring clamps bolts?
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    Tikka Picatinny Rail

    Does anyone know what the size of the screws securing the factory picatinny rail of my Tikka Tactical are. I am changing out the rail to a canted one and wonder if they are metric or just 6x48? What is the stock tread pitch. I would like to secure the new rail with torx heads. Thanks in advance.
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    Browning T-Bolt

    Looking for opinions on the T-Bolt. Saw they have medium and heavy profile barrels. Looking for reviews about accuracy etc.
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    Finnfire II

    Saw SAKO has a Finnfire II new for 2014. Anybody know anything about these?
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    Finnfire butt spacers

    I have a Sako Finnfire P94s. Anyone know where I can get (preferably factory) butt spacers so I can extend the length of pull? Thank you all in advance.
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    Black Ops Precision 605 action rifle

    Anybody see the new rimfire at the SHOT SHOW?
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    Suppressed Sako 22lr

    Hello, Trying to get feed back from any folks out there with a Sako 22lr trainer. I have a Quad and a Finnfire (both with Lilja barrels) that I wish to suppress. They are super accurate and and sort of afraid a suppressor will degrade accuracy. Please advise of your 22lr experiences with...