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    NEW 308 Brass & Bullet bundles ..... Lapua, ABM/Norma, Sierra

    I am interested in some ABM brass if you separate
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    Viper Barrel Vise

    Ordered one. Thanks
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    1.35 barrel on Defiance?

    I will gladly trade a barrel with 1.25“ shank with a comparable barrel with 1.35” Shank
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    This is a great news. Are you using the regular AW/AT magazine without modification?
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    AI AW (2006) with serial number 10000
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    SOLD Unfired Accuracy International AW kit with serial# 10000

    This is a collectable piece for an AI aficionado. It's kept in the original condition as it came from the factory. This rifle was made in 2006 and hasn't been fired after factory. It has an OEM bipod, 6 magazines, a serial number-matched scope mount and a new Schmidt Bender PMII 4-16 with AI...
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    What was done to this AI AW makes me sad

    Price reduced to 3899. Here is your chance...
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    [Sold]. Schmidt Bender PMII 5-45x56 Tremor3

    SPF to scwalker83 Thank you!
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    Any Interest in Steyr SSG 69 Aluminum Trig. Guard

    SSG69's plastic magazine is a weak link with this rifle and I think magazines will be extinct soon now Steyr stopped making this rifle. If AICS mag can be used, SSG69 will remain a legendary rifle in a practical sense :)