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    WTB- Eagle industries or Tac Ops stock pack (LNIB)

    Looking for eagle industries or Tac ops stock pack in OD Green. Please let me know if you have one your willing to part with. Thanks.
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    Free fed 308 brass + shipping

    I have 255 pieces of once fired brass. Already found my 308 load that all my rifles seem to like that I use Lapua brass for. So trying to help someone out. Just pay shipping. If you don't care about the boxes and those clear plastic holders I can probably fit it all into one USPS flat rate...
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    Whats your zero?

    Just wondering what your zero is for a hunting rifle that has a scope with capped turrets. Do you go 100 yards or 200. Do you find the 200 yard zero has you on at 50 and 200, while being slightly high at 100 yards? My question if for hunting rifles that don't see much more then 2or 300 yard shots.
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    Anything better then the Bushnell LRHS?

    So I have a LRHS scopes new in box. I have only heard good things about them and when they go on sale in PX section, they seem to sell rather quickly. Since they have been discontinued for a while now. I was wondering if there has been anything that came out that is better or replaced it in the...
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    Steiner p4xi 4-16x56 ***SOLD***

    Looking to sell my steiner p4xi scope. Scope is NIB. I only opened it to look at and back in the box it went. New job has severely limited my free time so I dont think I'll be doing as much target shooting as I was. The gun it was bought for is way behind schedule from the gunsmith so this will...
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    VX5 hd, NF SHV, or Razor LHT?

    So I'm in the market for a new hunting scope. Budget will be under $1000. The scopes listed in the title are what I'm looking at. This will be a rifle I use for deer sized game under 300 yards. Hope to get peoples input who have used these scopes. All will be in the 3x range. NF shv 3-10x42...
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    Armorer's wrench? Removing surefire brake

    Hello all, I have a rifle I purchased that has a surefire muzzle break. These breaks are completely rounded. I'd like to remove it without damaging the brake or rifle threads. What wrench or tool would be best for this. If it is a armorer's wrench then which one should I be looking at. Would...
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    Help with watch and backpack.

    Hello all, Just got a new job and need a good watch and backpack. Not trying to break the bank on these two item. Just wondering what people use on a daily basis. Watch- looking for something that can be banged around without being destroyed. Was looking at g-shocks but not sure if there is...
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    Looking to trade a NIB Bushnell for NF SHV 3-10×42 with forceplex illuminated reticle. Model number C611. I only opened the bushnell to look at and make sure everything was there. Would sell for SOLD
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    Insight arms multi cal break??

    Anyone used one of these breaks? I have the heathen 30 cal break and love it. Just wondering if these perform just like their original version.
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    Tikka t1x or CZ 457 american?

    Looking to pick up one of these rifles for a fun gun at the range. I'll probably use it to shoot squirrels and maybe a rabbit or two. Looking to get peoples opinion who may have gotten some time with either of these rifles. Still undecided between 17hmr or 22LR. Any experiences good or bad...
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    WTS: Leupold vx-2 and vx-r patrol

    Looking to sell two luepold scopes. I have a silver vx-2 3-9x40. Duplex reticle. Satbin tikka t3 243 for maybe 200 rounds.Looks great on stainless steel rifle. I also have a luepold vx-r patrol 3-9x40 with tmr firedot reticle. NIB. Took it out to inspect it and then put back in box...
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    Please delete

    Taking the scopes of the market. Cant go any lower and can match the prices I saw on them today.
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    WTS- Badger M5 DBM- extra mag--Sold

    NIB badger M5 DBM. comes with pillars and 1 five round mag. Sold shipped and insured. AICS 5 ROUND 308 MAG (still in package) Sold PAYPAL F&F, PayPal +3%, or USPS money order/ certified bank check.
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    101 year old hunter Quick read. Pretty cool shes still hunting.
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    Holding off for now.

    I have a LNIB remington LTR stock. It's a take off of a unfired rifle that I'm taking apart for a build. Rifle has only been out of the original box 2 times. Once at the gun store and once for pics. I have not taken rifle apart yet so I'm just posting the complete rifle for proof of ownership...
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    Rem 700 action

    Anyone know where the best place to buy a rem 700 action is?
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    Steiner rep in hide?

    I'm pretty sure there was a rep on the hide before? Just seeing if anyone knows his name or hoping he sees this post. Have a question on cleaning and quality check for my steiner military. I know some companies will let you send your scope in for both those services for free. Trying to see if...
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    Where to get best price on tikka t3x lite?

    Hey guys, Just seeing if anyone knows where the best price can be had on a tikka. Looking to put a 223 hunting rifle together and I know tikka is best bang for your buck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Berger vld

    Was looking for some advice on VLD bullets. I really want to try them out and it seems people love them. My only concern is running into the bullets being to long for magazines. I want to reload them in 260 rem and 223 rem. Will I run into issues, since berger states they perform better when...