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  1. shoot4fun

    Curtis Vector Action

    I bought this slightly used in December 2018 and have put no more than 350 rounds more on it. It is an earlier production action with SN just under 00060. I am selling the action only, no trigger, barrel, etc. The BF is pristine and entire action appears to be DLC coated. Price is $1,000 shipped...
  2. shoot4fun

    Terry Cross & KMW GREAT!!!!

    So, I finally broke one of my many KMW Pod-locs. I go online to order a new one and find that Terry puts a lifetime warranty on them so I send him an email with a pic of the broken one. Within 15 minutes I get a reply. Not an automated reply but one from Mr. Cross himself saying that he would...
  3. shoot4fun

    What will you do with yours!

    It's what I have done with mine (and my wife's)!
  4. shoot4fun

    ***ALL SOLD*** Huber Concepts Trigger & Thunderbeast 30BA Brake

    I have one from a rifle I just bought and will be using something different. It is marked R700-2 and is two-stage. It is configured with top safety and no bolt release. May have a slight bit of rattle can paint on the shoe but that should come right off but is in solid working condition. Looking...
  5. shoot4fun

    ATTN Krylon Cowboys

    I recently picked up a AICS 2.-0 chassis with legacy skins that has a rifle attached. The previous owner painted the black skins with rattle-can FDE paint and I want to gently remove it. What do you guys who have removed paint from the plastic skins use that is safe for the plastic?
  6. shoot4fun

    RIP AU Legend Pat Dye
  7. shoot4fun

    Am I Cheating Myself?

    I just put a scope on my new rifle that I plan to shoot some ELR with and it cost quite a bit less than the rifle itself. Is that wrong?!
  8. shoot4fun

    Huntsville, AL PD Closing Business that sell firearms

    Even though named essential by the Governor's office. The thing in this story that sounded my alarm: For example, the state health order prohibits sporting goods stores...
  9. shoot4fun

    Poor @beenjammin

    It was bound to happen sooner of later: :ROFLMAO:
  10. shoot4fun

    WTF? Does Russia need to interfere in the 2020 Shit Show?

    According to NY Times: Really? A "classified briefing" but the purpose of the meeting is in the New York Times? Bernie is an avowed Socialist/Communist and...
  11. shoot4fun

    Pondering Optimal Bullet Weight/223 Rem Bolt

    I first started shooting the 223 at ranges of 600 to 1,000 yards a few years back with the 80VLD, Varget and a 8 twist barrel finished at 26"(a max per rules of this particular game). It was okay but I felt there was something left on the table with that twist rate. I had another built with a...
  12. shoot4fun

    WTB Ruger #1 6PPC

    I know, no Hide member worth his whiskey would own one. Interested in owning one of these rare birds so if you or someone you know owns one and would sell send me a PM. THX
  13. shoot4fun

    Impeachment good for Trump?

    He now leads ALL Democrat candidates. What next? Will Biden throw Hunter under the bus to improve his standing with the voters? Murkowski is gonna be the Judas when it comes to how the Senate handles the trial. She is making it seem Pelosi will get her way with the trial. WTF do Alaskans keep...
  14. shoot4fun

    Bye Bye UGA

    Well, first it was #5 Utah, now it's #4 UGA. As a Tide fan, I found myself having a hard time deciding who I wanted to win the SEC Championship game. Congratulations to LSU (damn it hurts my mouth to say that!). Oklahoma's win will, or should, put them in the big four. All I can say is go Jalen...
  15. shoot4fun

    Hornady LNL Auto Charge Powder Dispenser. SOLD

    This thing is basically NIB. Still has all the papers and blank warranty card. I did run a small amount of powder thru it once but I am just happy with my Uniflow, Dandy and FX-120i system. They are on sale at Midsouth now for $180 plus shipping. $150 shipped.
  16. shoot4fun

    Area 419 ARCALOCK ****SOLD****

    Used but not abused 12" Universal ARCALOCK (no M-loc kit) and fixed Barricade Stop. Comes in the package with all the hardware (screws, etc) that I got with it. I bought a stock that this came with and I don't need the services of ARCA. Looks like $140 new from Area419 and it can be yours for...
  17. shoot4fun

    IRL & Indy SOLD

    I know it's not much but football on here but I just saw this and I'm floored that the Hulman/George family would have never let it go. Roger Penske is the new owner of both the Indy Racing League AND Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Even if you never watch any form of racing this is big news in the...
  18. shoot4fun

    Bought One

    Okay, so you tried the 6BRA but your OCD got to you and you moved on. You still have that die set and you know you won't need it again. What do you do? Well, fortunately for you, I'm here to unload them on. Just need the FL sizer but, I will buy the seater too if that's what you have, especially...
  19. shoot4fun

    @4RingShooter GTG!

    Trusted seller.