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    FA762SS interest going into 2020?

    Count me in. Who do I contact?
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    Leupold LRP 4.5-14x50 FFP TMR

    MOA or Mil turrets?
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Vudoo 5 rnd magazines Does anyone know it the Vudoo 5 round magazines lay flush with the bottom of a HTG/M40a1 stock when inserted? Anyone with five rounders please post pics.
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    CLE 22LR Upper Experience? Or CMMG w. Beyers Bbl?

    My Compass Lake 22lr will keep up with my Quad, Finnfire, Anschutz 64 and 40X. The feeding can be temperamental at times.
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    WTB 30cal 1:9 Twist barrel

    Looking for same
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    Favorite IWB holster?

    Hog Holsters Quality Kydex and clips. Super fast delivery and outstanding customer service
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    Kestrel Meters Ballistics Official Thread

    When setting up my Kestral Sportsman and calibrating the compass, should I leave the Var at 0.00E or adjust it to my magnetic variation yo my location?
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    us optics sr-8c in geissele mount

    Are turrets MOA or MIL? Is it 1st oe 2nd focal plane?
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    Wts Jeep and Indian

    Does the Jeep have A/C? Is the vehicle located in PA or NM?
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    Harris Bipods with ARCA and Rail Adapters

    Confirm these are notched legs?
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    KAC 308 upper----spf----

    Barrel length?
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    WTS: Sako Quad 22lr w/ Lija Barrel and Manners Stock

    I had one built by Jared at APA a long time ago. These are sweet shooters and definitely a keeper. You will not be disappointed.
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    Falkor Petra 300 mag gasser

    How much for ammo?
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    Barreled action

    Barrel length?
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    Building up a stock for cheek weld

    Contact Jducos and have him install a KMW Loggerhead ACP. You will not regret it.
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    SAKO TRG-42 question on cheek adjustment

    Contact Jducos. He can install the KMW loggerhead ACP (adjustable Cheek Piece) assembly into your TRG stock and you will then have a state of art system well worthy of the TRG rifle. Well worth the investment...