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    SOLD Unfired Accuracy International AW kit with serial# 10000

    This is a collectable piece for an AI aficionado. It's kept in the original condition as it came from the factory. This rifle was made in 2006 and hasn't been fired after factory. It has an OEM bipod, 6 magazines, a serial number-matched scope mount and a new Schmidt Bender PMII 4-16 with AI...
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    [Sold]. Schmidt Bender PMII 5-45x56 Tremor3

    I got this scope in a trade. I now realize that this is a too much powerful rig for doing my target shooting in the local 300 yard range. If you have the facility or the wildness to stretch out, this scope cannot be beat. $3750 shipped/insured to you. SOLD
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    SOLD Accuracy International AWM 300WM/338LM package

    This is an early version of Arctic Warfare Magnum rifle currently hosting a 300WM barrel/bolt. I only shot about 20 rounds of military M248 Mod0 ammo (FC loaded with 190 SMK bullets). It's a 0.5MOA rifle. $6850 (SPF) for the package, which includes: -A 338 bolt body (new); -A 338 Lapua...
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    Two new Nikon FX1000 Black 6-24x50 MRAD/FFP scopes

    Neither one has been used. They both have been put on rifles that were left as safe queens, and never been shot. Selling these scopes and rifles to free some funds. $565 each shipped. I cannot find their boxes, probably trashed during the move. I will pack well for shipping. These scopes...
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    (SPF) New Norma 300 WSM brass

    I have 200 pieces of these brass for $350 shipped. Never got 300 WSM project completed so they are up for grab.
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    SOLD Win 70 Heavy Varmint 308 in H-S Precision stock

    This rifle is in excellent condition. It's a push feed model. Round count unknown since I am not the original owner. It got a HS fully adjustable stock with aluminum bedding block that is very comfortable to use. The adjustable cheek piece is rock stable(unlikely McMillan stock's cheek piece...
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    AI barrel profile question

    2018 profiled barrels are thicker than the old profile, but are they really more accurate? Would appreciate opinions from someone who have used both. Not to open a can of worms...
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    If anyone has upgraded the trigger on Win 70 or FN SPR/PBR and has the original trigger parts laying around, I would be interested. Thanks!
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    This BM looks almost new. It takes AI 300WM single stack magazine. As you may know, CDI is nonexistent now after the passing of its owner Jeff. Jeff made great BM for a variety of rifles. $160 shipping/insured. SOLD Text 917-974-4090 for photos.
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    I got these scopes in trade. Both are said to be new and they appear so. No ring marks. Glass perfect. Still in the box with wrapping. One has ACSS 223/308 HUD retinal, the other G-grid (Christmas tree) reticle. Glass looks very nice for scopes in this price range. Great for someone just...
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    SOLD WTS: Accuracy International AE Mk3 FDE in 6.5 Creedmoor

    This rifle is in excellent condition with an AINA 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. Barrel is 26" with 5/8 x24 thread. Exact round counts is unknown to me since I am the second owner. The bolt face appears nearly new. I shot ~120 rounds through it. It's kept well. Only selling it because I bought...
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    SOLD SAC Mausingfield 300 Norma Mag in AI AX chassis (Price drop) TRADED

    This Short Action Custom rifle is in immaculate condition. I am the second owner; the original owner shot very little as judged from the bolt face (see photo). I have not shot this gun. The rifle weighs slightly less than 14 lbs on my bathroom scale. $3500 shipped. Scope and rings not...
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    SOLD SAC Alpha 11 custom 300WSM Manner PRS-1 stock like-new condition

    This rifle has been shot for a few dozen times only. Will include the leftover Nosler ammo from the initial 5 boxes purchased for this rifle, and all once-fired brass. No expense spared build: -Short Action Customs Alpha 11 Gen-II action; -Proof carbon fiber barrel (1:10 twist); -Area 419...
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    (SOLD) Two boxes of new Lapua 6.5x55 brass, still sealed

    Both in the same lot. $160 shipped.
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    Manners MCS-TA stock with mini chassis; standard fill. $675 shipped/insured. -Using AICS magazines or equivalent; -R700 SA footprint; some inletting done for a defiance bolt release and Timney Calvin Elite trigger; -Bipod set up; -2 left side QD mounts; -Nigh vision mount done by LRI. -KMW...
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    (SOLD) Accuracy International-branded Schmidt Bender PMII 4-16x50 PL4

    This AI branded scope is near new. Mil/mil, single turn, CM, with 13 Mil elevation. P4F reticle. SOLD
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    308W, 24 inch barrel. German rifle with US made stock. Excellent condition. Quick change barrel option. Very accurate. I am shooting another one with Benchmark 6.5x55 barrel that is a one hole rifle. $1550 shipped/insured from me to your FFL. If your FFL needs to receive it from another...
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    SOLD. McMillan green stock for FN SPR A3G, PBR, or Win70 short action

    New stock, perfect for building up an FN SPR/PBR action if you have one, or to upgrade your old work horse Win 70 SA rifle. The magazine cut is for hinged floor magazine as in FBI-designated FN SPR A3G rifles. $450 shipped/insured to you. No trade please; need cash for a purchase.
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    (SOLD) Schmidt Bender PMII 4-16x50 with Accuracy International (AI) logo

    Excellent scope with perfect glass, with rare AI logo on its turrets. P4L reticle; single turn; CW. Elevation cap also calibrated for 175 SMK bullets in 308/7.62x51 caliber. $2450 shipped/insured. No trade please; need cash for a purchase.
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    Manners stock question

    I hope this is the rifle forum to post this question. Some newer versions of manners stocks have webbing surface as opposed to smooth surface. Is it an additional layer of carbon fiber they added, or a special paint? Does it further strengthen the stock body?