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    Grayboe Phoenix?

    I was wondering same. Looks like prints all over in the paint! Lol
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    Grayboe Phoenix?

    I've only looked at the inlet on mine from pics my smith sent looks like shit like all grayboe stocks. Who the F texture paints over the top of the inlet and pillars? Oh grayboe does. But so does his Dad's company. Never ever f'n understood that shit.
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    WTB: Barrett Fieldcraft or Kimber Mountain Ascent

    I have a forbes 24B in 270, 24" barrel, green stock, Grey metal finish, shot 140 accubond double tap ammo sub moa quite easily. It weighs 5.5# I'd sell it for what I paid 8 years ago, 900$ it has maybe 2 boxes of ammo through it. Comes with tally low 1" rings. I currently have a leupold vx3...
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    Suggestions needed: 1st FP, Capped or locking turrets, lower magnification

    You can find leupold mk5hd in the 3.6-18x44 model with the moa reticle in the px for 1500$ they're capped/locking. Another option is the Hawke 4-20x50 frontier ffp 30mm. Its a good scope in my usage of one. Illuminated locking turrets, light. They can be had for 800$. They are mil reticles only tho.
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    New Leupold Reticle

    I could see this reticle in a 3-18 on all my hunting rifles!
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    New Leupold Reticle

    So cs tactical has em on hand but not selling em yet?
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    SHOT Show 2021 Rumor Mill and What's Coming

    With the success of the sig/Zeiss/Leica lrf binos with weather sensors integrated, insure they're working on it.
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    Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 vs. Athlon Ares ETR

    I like the glass, turrets, reticle better in the ETR. I however broke my etr, it was probably due to the fact it was on a 9.5# braked 338 rum. Scope was taking a lot of shock. I am yet to send it in for replacement.
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    Issue with NightForce nx8

    I have had no tracking issues with the nx8 or atacr line. 4 scopes total of my own, no tracking issues with nx8s owned by friends either.
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    New single stage press

    Never had that issue. As long as the case is squarely in the shellholder, it shouldn't affect seating depth if it's rotated or not. It will self center as it enters the sliding sleeve of the die. Are bullets seating with consistent pressure? If not it could be neck tension throwing off the...
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    Issue with NightForce nx8

    I have 2 of them, no issues. The eyebox is sensitive, but with proper posture and good repeatable cheek weld, it's a non issue. The parallax dial will need constant attention. Which it always should when shooting long range, this one just needs adjusting a lot more than longer bodied 4-5x...
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    Christensen Arms Ridgeline

    I also got in on one these x284 sale guns. I restocked mine in something lighter with better ergos. It shoots 156 bergers half moa or better with RL26 seated from 44-65k off lands at 2980 fps in peterson brass. I was blown away how easy load development was on this one. Also have a Christensen...
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    I need a longer REM 700 bipod pic rail

    Are you interested in one of these? Takes arca and pic. Salmon River Solutions in Idaho makes em out of titanium. I use a few of the shorter straight arca rails inlet in front my recoil lug for tripod use. Dudes name is Ken Trapp and I can send a phone number if you want to contact him.
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    Tikka action

    I have a tikka t3x 22-250 8tw barrel that uses the short bolt stop and factory m magazine. The Tikka 6.5 creedmoor uses a m+ mag that allows for 2.95 coal. 22 cal bullets are short. I believe you creed or 22-250 build will run fine in a standard m mag, or the longer m+ without any issues. My...
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    Carbon Wrapped Hunting Rifle

    My ridgeline x284 shoots fantastic! I did restock though. Saami x284 freebore is around 0.300" which is insane. 156 bergers 45k off lands shoot sub half moa @ 2980 fps from peterson brass using rl26.
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    Issue with NightForce nx8

    I have a pair of 4-32x50 nx8, one ffp, other sfp both work great. Because one guy has a problem doesn't mean they all will. Granted the manor NF treated the op has been complete rubbish, he deserves a new scope plus major discounts or credits, or a complete refund plus the costs of all the...
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    Issue with NightForce nx8

    Lol no not that ridiculous shit. There is stuff a guy can pick and choose from. There's stuff on every forum that's garbage, there does sure happen to be a lot of it on LRH anymore.
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    t3x do it all rifle

    Well I said personally, we all have a choice. I will not do this on my rifles. There's a lot of pressure in that barrel, I want more metal on the muzzle.
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    Is there a 3-30 ffp do everything scope with lots of fov?

    18' @ 6x and 5' @ 24x at 100y isn't that great.