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    Muzzle devices and NV/thermal

    Is their an advantage to running a flash suppressor/hider vs a brake when using NV/thermal other than with regards to minimizing your signature? As in, does the flash from a brake temporarily obstruct your sight picture more so than what you get with a flash suppressor/hider? Any preferred...
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    Preferred mag pouches for 5rd CIP length .338 Lapua magazines?

    As the title states, anyone have any preferences? I've got a .300 Norma coming and have a bunch of 5rd CIP length mags for it, just wondering what others are using? Currently looking at TYR Tactical, among others. Thanks
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    ARD for Athlon Cronus Tactical

    Anybody know of an ARD for the Athlon Cronus Tactical spotter? I contacted Tenebraex as they don't currently list one but they said with thread and size specs perhaps they could recommend one. I emailed Athlon about the specs but never heard back. Anyone have a line on anything?
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    Burris Eliminator 4

    Was just reading up on the specs of the new Eliminator 4 and it looks like a pretty cool piece of tech for what it is. I don't have any hands on experience with the older versions but they claim this one's onboard LRF is good to 2k yards, it displays distance and a 10mph wind hold for that...
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    Nucleus and steel match ammo

    I have an early serial number Nucleus (I got in on the original pre-sale) and it's run flawlessly with over 5700rds of .223 and 1000+ 6 Creed since April (all handloads). I just tried some Hornady 75gr Steel Match in it as I can get it for the same price it costs me to reload with 75gr BTHPs and...
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    mid-range spotters with reticle review/comparison

    Comparison of Minox MD60ZR 12-40X, Bushnell LMSS 8-40X and Athlon Cronus Tactical 7-42X spotting scopes Firstly, I’d like to preface this by saying that I’m no glass expert. All reviews/comparisons are somewhat subjective by nature and this one is no different. I do however shoot a lot of...
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    SOLD WTS: Bighorn Origin cert

    Looking to sell a cert for a free Bighorn Origin action (either short or long action). Asking $SOLD
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    SOLD Defiance 50% off cert

    SOLD Looking to sell/trade a Defiance 50% off cert with a value of up to $755. Looking for $SOLD or an Impact, Manners or McMillan cert. Thanks
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    Tripod scabbard for MR 3DAP

    Anyone running a tripod scabbard on a Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack? I've always just tucked 2 of the legs under the side strap and then all 3 legs into the side pocket. I upgraded from a PRST tripod to a Leofoto 404C which is way more stable for shooting but heavier and longer when...
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    Ballhead/levelling base for hunting tripod

    I've gone through a few different tripod setups now and what I run for shooting matches is a Leofoto 404C with an Anvil-30 on it. About as stable as it gets (for someone like me too cheap to get the full RRS setup) but too heavy for hunting and honestly overkill as well. I'll be using an old...
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    Shitty ES with H4831SC with 110SMKs in 6 Creed?

    I'm on my 3rd barrel (all 26") in 6 Creed. The previous 2 I ran H4350 in necked down Prime brass with 110SMKs and CCI BR2s. One barrel liked 42.3gr and the other liked 42.2. The 7.5 twist got 3050fps and the 8tw 3080. I decided to try H4831SC since it's sometimes a pain in the ass to source 8lbs...
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    Kestrel 5700 and Sig Kilo 2400 BDX disconnecting often?

    I have my Kestrel 5700 Elite paired to my Sig Kilo 2400BDX and it's great being able to have my DOPE spit out in the LRF but I've been finding that the 2 devices seem to disconnect pretty quickly, like inside a couple minutes. Is there some way to make them stay connected for longer? I've taken...
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    Recommend me a handguard for 6.5 creed Stag 10

    I'm building up a precision AR10 type rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. Because of the weirdness of gun laws up here in Canada I'm doing it on a Stag 10 stripped receiver set (means I can shoot it on public land not just at a range like most AR10s, go figure). 22" Proof SS barrel, Brownells bcg and...
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    Anvil-30 availability?

    Anyone have a source for a RRS Anvil-30? Everywhere I look they seem to be out of stock/backorderable? Is my google-fu weak or do I just need to sign up for a backorder?
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    Options for mounting a rds on a 35mm tube?

    I've got a Leopold MK5 5-25 in Badger rings. I'm looking to be able to mount a red dot on top as I've recently tried that on another rifle and found it sped up my target acquisition hugely. The Badger website doesn't show any available pic rail top caps for the 35mm rings. I emailed them to...
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    Barrel bags?

    Looking for some barrel bags to keep my chambered barrels (for my switch barrel setup) in. I have one of the PMA bags and their tenon caps and would be happy to stick with them but they've been out of stock for a while now, it seems and I have a few barrels that I swap between and want some bags...
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    necking down Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor to 6 Creedmoor

    I've got a rifle coming with a few new barrels, one of which is a 6 creed. I've got 100 pieces of factory 6 creed brass and 400 pieces of 1x fired 6.5 creed that I got from a buddy of mine who shoots matches with factory ammo. I have a Redding Comp FL bushing die in 6 creed as I was hoping to be...
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    Salomon X-Alp Mtn GTX Forces vs Quest 4D GTX vs Lowa Zephyr GTX

    Trying to decide between these 3 boots now. Use will be hiking/backpacking and field matches and PRS matches. Currently have a pair of Danner Acadia deserts with GTX and like them but looking for something lighter while still having great ankle support and a sole that isn't as slick as the...
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    New PTG Rem 700 bolt with remage barrel

    Thinking of getting a 6.5 PRC remage prefit for one of my Rem 700SAs. I would need a magnum bolt face to do so as it currently has a .308 bolt face. Could I just get a PTG one piece bolt since I'd be adjusting the headspace when installing the prefit anyways? Or is there more to it than just...
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    6.5 4s/PRC vs 300wm for PRS ELR

    I've been interested in the extended range PRS match in Wyoming since I first heard about it and now that there will be one in Washington this year as well (it's much closer to me, I'm up in BC, Canada and shoot lotsa matches in WA) I really want to jump in. I've been trying to determine which...