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    Manners stock, Neil Jones powder measure, Armalite Furniture

    Manners EH1 short action ( Rem footprint) carbon Stock with gen ll mini chassis, light sendero contour, color is Moss. I Purchased this new from Manners and decided to one of their adjustable length of pull stocks. This is new and has never been used. $750 Neil Jones powder measure with seven...
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    WTB Manners Short Action (found one thanks)

    I am looking for a Manners EH1 or EH1A SA R700 or 700 clone for a Christmas build for a friend‘s son. We have ordered one from Manners but it will be after Christmas before is delivered and he would like this for Christmas present if you have something let me know what you’ve got. Thank you
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    Dta barrels, bolts and mags

    Looking for a .338 Norma, 6.5 Creedmoor and 7saum Conversion Kit’s. Let me know you have. Thanks
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    Jay McLean is GTG

    I just purchased a Vortex Razor scope from Jay and it is exactly as described would definitely do business with him again.
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    Stevo3556 is GTG

    Stevo3556 is good to go just purchased a Vortex Razor scope which was in perfect condition, just as described. I would definitely deal with him again.
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    My first 6.5x47 from Beanland

    Just picked this up from Jon Beanland and with only 30 break in rounds it's already better than 1/2 moa. Shooting 130 target VLD's with 35gr Varget.
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    Sharp 1340VS Lathe

    Has anyone used a Sharp1340vs lathe or have any info on there quality?
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    "HELP" Posting pictures (to small)

    I have read how to post pictures on this forum and I can post but they are always small even if they are 6MP or 8MP pictures. What in the world am I doing wrong?? Example
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    Wyoming Public Lands Mule Deer

    This is a mule deer that I shot on public land in the state of Wyoming on 10-01-12. I didn't know we had a Biggest Mule Deer contest, he has a 34" spread may have done ok with that. For some reason the picture is not very big.