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    Preference? AXSR vs AXMC

    For those of you who own, or have significant experience with both platforms, which do you prefer and why? I think I understand the differences, I'm just more interested in peoples' experiences and what they liked or didn't. I have an AXMC and was considering picking up another AI and wondered...
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    AL Members: Tuberville Ads??

    Every time I have the TV on there are non-stop ads for Doug Jones just slamming Tommy Tuberville as a complete crook in the race for Senate. However, I have yet to see a SINGLE ad that Tuberville has run. Jones is completely owning him in this market and Tuberville is starting to smell a lot...
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    Dead Thug

    Michael Reinoehl, the thug who killed the Trump supporter in Portland is being reported as killed while being taken into custody. Good riddance.
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    Doc Was Right!!

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    Aw, Donna...

    How bad is it when even your microphone experiences ED?
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    Retumbo Availability?

    I'm sitting on at least two unopened 8-pounders, so I'm good for now and haven't been paying attention to it lately. I'm currently shooting Ramshot Magnum in my 338NM but I started thinking of working up a new load with Retumbo and I remembered how hard it was to get during the Great Shortages...
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    Anyone Know What This Is?

    We bought this house in July. It has an in-ground irrigation system and also a lot of dusk-to-dawn lighting in the landscaping. I haven’t had to use the irrigation system until now and found several sprinkler heads that needed repair when I tested it yesterday. In the process I came across this...
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    PSA: New Recoil Activated Trigger For Labradar

    I was not aware this existed until I came across it in a post by member @021411. He referenced a recoil-activated trigger for the LR that I was unaware existed. Through PMs, he informed me that another member, @wildmanpiet, is making these at home and making them available. I immediately thought...
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    T'row 'Em Ovah Da *&#$! Wall

    I'm sure someone must have already posted it, but I haven't seen it here. So just in case no one did, it's too good to miss:
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    No One Mentioned Yesterday's "Mass Shooter"?

    ...or did I just miss it? Shooter is a black female, not a white male. Killed three, wounded three, and then killed herself by shooting herself in the head...twice! First one didn't do the trick, apparently.
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    SOCOM To Replace 7.62 NATO Sniper Platforms with 6.5s
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    Anyone Tried Stick-On Reader Lenses For Shooting Glasses?

    I'm wondering if any of you have tried these, and how they worked? I bought some to try and will relate my experience after only a single trip out with them. I've reached the age where I need readers to see my turrets and Kestrel, notes, etc. But my distance vision is better than perfect, so I...
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    And Down Goes Bama...

    For the second time in three weeks, my beloved Tigers have defeated the #1 team in the nation. I can't help but say how sweet it is to defeat your TWO BIGGEST rivals when they are both undefeated and ranked #1. We lost our second and third string running backs tonight though, and are down to...
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    3M Peltor TEP-100 Rechargeables Vs. Etymotic GSP (EB)-15

    OK, I know there are like three different threads on ear pro active right now, but I have a specific question regarding two specific products: Does anyone have any experience comparing these two products (see title)? Etymotic has a rechargeable version on the horizon, it was supposed to be out...
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    6.5CM Hornady Factory Ammo: 140 vs. 147 ELDM Comparison

    I've been struggling to do an evaluation on the factory Hornady Match 6.5 CM ammo, 140gr. vs 147gr. I started out this new gun (26 in. Krieger Rem. Heavy Varmint, 1:8 twist) back in March with the 140s, working the distance back. It did great at 1000, really good at 1200, and pretty fair at...
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    CVN-78 Commissioned

    Watching live as CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford just became USS Gerald R. Ford. They're setting the first watch and getting ready to man her and bring her to life. This one is going to be quite different than her predecessors. I sure hope they get that new catapult figured out! edit: Apparently the...
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    John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

    Just saw on the news this minute. Overall health is good, they are considering treatment options. It was discovered when he had surgery last week for a blood clot, above his eye I think.
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    Prime 6.5 CM Special

    Not sure what section to put this in, but people always seem to be asking about any specials on Prime Ammo. I've never seen them put 6.5 CM on sale, but it is right now...with a catch. If you buy a case of their ammo in ANY OTHER cartridge EXCEPT 6.5 CM, you can then buy up to five cases of 6.5...
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    Rifle-Mount Rig To Test Scope Tracking On-The-Gun?

    I'm piggybacking off of LL's thread on return-to-zero-failures: I posted the following in his thread, and then decided it may be better to start another thread: "I, for one, am keenly interested in this. As said, the target part of the test is easy to come up with. And, it's easy enough to...
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    Clock Boy's Spring Winds Down

    A little sanity shines through: