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    Poors need not open this thread.

    Me too, my son bought it with high school job money, left for the Army and didn't want it when he got back, too small (40") little TV's are for poors. 🤣
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    Poors need not open this thread.

    If I knew where the warehouse was I'd create a red flag incident in the area and protest a couple on the top of my 84 civic.
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    What she is pursuing isn't just for Trump per se, it is for us and the republic. He will benefit immediately and we will indefinitely. OK, there's my patriotic moment, watch it crash and burn like all the other bullshit they've dragged in front of us for twelve years.
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    Why Suppress a 22 Rifle?

    My CZ UL, same set-up and quiet with match ammo also. 28" barrel serves no purpose other than for longer sight radius, powder burn is long over and bullet is coasting out the muzzle.
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    Facist Facebook

    Grandchildren are on the opposite coast so I get pics. I've posted many things very close to what ya'll got slapped for, no suspension yet. Day is coming when I need to tell Nazi-book to FO.
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    Attention Shoppers. Here is where to NOT buy your coffee. LINKS TO VOLCANIC COFFEE NOW IN THREAD

    All they really had to do was nothing, no rebuke, no reply, no denials, nothing. We understand that it's a t-shirt, hell there may be a fucking Lady Ga Ga t-shirt deep in Kyle's drawer, who cares. BRCC is based in the NW, the skinny jean man bun coffee is sewed up by Starbucks. So don't think if...
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    If your "crates" of factory ammo meet your accuracy expectations, go for it. I never liked being held to the mercy of the factory QC department. Rimfire ammo drives me nuts.
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    10/22 Accuracy build

    I have done what your about to do several times, couple were good one frustrating. It's a fun experience doing all the little tuning alterations to try and squeeze the most from them. But I swear if I were to want another mac-daddy comp auto I will just buy a complete build from Kidd or Tac-Sol...
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    Why Suppress a 22 Rifle?

    Because the "thwhak!" sound of a hollow point bustin squirrel meat is far louder than the shot. 😁🐿😎
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    So apparently the German server thing is real. LOL someone explain how that went down

    All this is kinda cool in a weird way, having grown up on a steady diet of Bond- James Bond OO7, this shit starting to look familiar.
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    Anybody shooting NRL22/PRS with a lighter weight Vudoo?

    The only way to substantially reduce the weight of a Vudoo is with a carbon wrapped barrel. The big question, are the carbons performing at the same level as standard barrels. IDK. I'm just now warming up to the possibility of a Vudoo. LOVE the accuracy, don't love the idea of toting around an...
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    So apparently the German server thing is real. LOL someone explain how that went down

    Stuff I've seen on the internet alluded that the server complex was also inhabited by CIA types. This software is not new it has been used in banana republics and apparently been deployed by one of our alfabet agencies before in other places. Who knows? Only thing for sure is the seizure was...
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    Well Well Well Look who's back

    I remember that thread, hide peeps were trying to help and cordial until he started telling everyone what they "don't" know. Zero fucks given after that.
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    HOLY SHIT ITS HAPPENING!!! Sidney Powell press conference!

    Dominion software's cheat parameters were being outdone by the sheer volume of Trump votes. Count stopped, in come the trucks of WTF ballots (many with only a vote for Biden-nothing else down ticket) to make up in the cheat algorithm shortfall.
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    Not trying to promote LaRue

    Definition from urban dictionary "Republican in name only, see Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto. Shit bag extraordinaire."
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    Ior recon 4-28x50..... reviews? Probs?

    They're also very "girthy", really fill up the hand.
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    Ordered a gen 2 razor, now I need to mount the sucker... What do I get that works well?

    I understand where you're at but if you go too cheap in the end you'll pay more after buying the cheap then good ones. Nightforce ultralites will help offset the fact that the gen 2 is a brick.
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    Which 22 bolt gun for a 6yr old?

    Maybe CZ scout to start. When he is older you can change the barrel and stock for full size adult.