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    Replica USMC Match M14 project completed

    Not a sniper rifle, but an interesting ‘vintage’ build nonetheless. Just received my latest M1A project back from the builder and I don’t have a range report yet, but it’s kind-of a neat build for anyone interested in this old platform. The goal of this project was to build a close replica a...
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    Replica completed of a US Army M21A5 (aka M14SE "Crazy Horse" SDM rifle)

    Recently completed replica of a U.S. Army M14SE Squad-Designated Marksman (SDM) rifle, which was later designated as an M21A5 rifle (or informally referred to as an “M14SE Crazy Horse” rifle). I just got the barreled action w/ trigger group back from Smith Enterprise Inc (SEI). For anyone...
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    Is Lapua 170gr Lock Base ammo used by British snipers (L96A1)?

    Months ago I bought 400 Lapua 170 grain Lock Base bullets, and for Father's Day I bought a batch of new Lapua 308W brass (large primer). I think the 170 Lock Base bullet has a G1 BC of 0.525, so its supposedly a good long-range bullet. In additon, last week I purchased on gunbroker a single...
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    Replica USMC M14 DMR project completed

    This is not exactly a sniper rifle, and not sure if it qualifies yet as a "vintage" rifle, but for anyone interested, here's a replica of a USMC M14 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). These were in service from roughly 2000 to 2010, and saw extensive use in Afghanistan and Iraq. This replica is...
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    WTB: "USMC M8541" marked S&B 3-12 scope for M40A5 clone.

    My collector buddy who has deeper pockets then me, but doesn't do posting online, has asked me to out a WTB ad for him re an "USMC M8541" marked S&B scope for his M40A5 clone. I understand that only about 2 dozen are in private hands and the chance of finding one is slim, but worth an ask... He...
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    XM25 replica M14 sniper rifle (circa 1990ish, as made at Ft Devens/10th SFG)

    My replica of a U.S. Army XM25 sniper rifle project that began in the summer of 2017 is now basically complete. I just got it back from the builder, so I don’t have a range report yet, but here are some pictures and info for those interested in this type of retro-project. BRIEF HISTORY: From...
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    USMC M40 replicas (3 flavors: M40/M40A1/M40A5)

    My M40A1 project was finished last night with the mounting of the scope, so I took a couple of groups pics of my three M40 replicas today. Not sure if the M40A5 qualified yet as "vintage", but its an interesting picture given that all 3 use the same Remington M700 short action, and all 3 have...
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    Replica IDF M14 sniper rifle project (completed)

    Just an fyi post regarding a random M14 vintage sniper rifle circa mid-1970s to approximately 1997.... Historical Overview: Israel reportedly built 10,000 M14 sniper rifles out of the 35,000 rifles that the USA gave them in 1973 following the Yom Kippur War. Originally in the mid-1970s I have...
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    Info request re early Navy Remington 300 WinMag sniper rifles (aka "pre Mk 13 Mod 0" rifles)

    Post moved to this thread:
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    Info request re Navy "300 Win Mag Sniper rifle" (or aka "pre-MK 13 Mod 0")

    Someone suggested that I post my inquiry on the dedicated Mk 13 Mod 0 stock thread, so I'm deleting this thread and moved it here: I also posted on the M40 forum, so we'll see....
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    Finally got an M40A1 return stock

    Moved this to the old 'M40A1 Build thread," which is probably more relevant.
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    WTB: McMillan M14 forest camo take-off stock ("classic" USMC rifle team stock)

    I would like to build a replica/tribute rifle of a "classic" USMC M14 match rifle. (see pic #1 of real examples). I have a rear lugged SAI M1A receiver (with torque screw set-up), and recently got a nice 1995 dated USMC marked Barnett/Douglas heavy profile barrel that would make such a project...
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    Quantico Shooting Club vintage sniper/precision rifle match, Sept 29-30th at USMC base, Quantico, VA

    The twice annual vintage sniper/precision rifle match will be held at Quantico via the Quantico Shooting Club organization. Below is info I pasted from the 2016 match, and I don't think anything has really changed re rules, etc. This is fun, informal match for anyone who can attend that...
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    2018 CMP Eastern Games - Vintage Sniper Match (VSM) - pics from match.

    For anyone interested, I got back yesterday from participating at the CMP Eastern Games, Vintage Sniper Match (VSM), held at Camp Butner, NC, and decided to post some pics. Weather was nice and the event went well. The new electronic targeting system provides instant feedback to the shooters...
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    Navy M14 Physical Security Sniper Rifle / Navy Port Security M14 rifle - replica project update

    It has taken a little over a year, but I have finally collected the parts I need to begin the build of my replica/tribute Navy M14 Physical Security Sniper rifle/Navy Port Security rifle. For those who might not be aware of the history, these were basically the Navy's "Grade A" M14 match rifles...
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    Post-M21 sniper rifle development history - Army, Navy, and USMC sniper & DMR rifles

    For anyone interested, this summer I did some research/outreach re some of the "post M21" type sniper and DMR rifles used by the U.S. military, and decided to write-up a quick chronological history of these various M14-based sniper or DMR rifles that were used by the US military from the late...
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    Finally got an AR TEL scope to complete an early M21 replica rifle

    Well, I've been wanting to add an XM21 or "early M21" to my small collection for a year or so, but never had much luck finding an AR TEL scope at the right time and at the right price. This year I did acquire a NOS mount, but it wasn't until this month that I finally got the scope to go with it...