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  1. McNamara0851

    Shattered the lens in my Pulsar Axion XM38. Anyone from the Pulsar camp on here? Yes, there are pictures for those who like to watch people suffer.

    I will start by saying that I’m a dumbass, before anyone else beats me to it. This is not a slam to Pulsar, as I have beat on this unit pretty good with no issues, until now. Last night I was headed to hunt with a friend 20 minutes south of my house. On the way, I scanned our railroad ditch...
  2. McNamara0851

    Let’s start a coyote thread.

    Went 4/5 on one set, 0/8 on another. Interesting night.
  3. McNamara0851

    Stiller TAC 30 bolt stop/release binding

    I had the same issue. Running the bolt too hard will bend the roll pin. Stiller will hook you up if you give them a call.
  4. McNamara0851

    YT video about turret test/abuse

    Best trolling effort I have seen in a long time.
  5. McNamara0851

    YT video about turret test/abuse

    It really is no surprise that the rest of the world thinks all gun owners are dumb ass hillbilly cousin fuckers.
  6. McNamara0851

    Pulsar Axion XM38 Thermal Scanner

    Well, kind of, but not paid for. I will update after harvest if it falls through.
  7. McNamara0851

    ISO Impact Prefits

    I don’t have a scale that would weigh it accurately, but I’m assuming 2.75-3#
  8. McNamara0851

    ISO Impact Prefits

    I have a carbon wrapped 6CM
  9. McNamara0851

    WTB 34MM Badger Simrad Cap

    Found one, would probably buy another for the right money.
  10. McNamara0851

    1:10T 6mm Creedmoor Carbon Wrapped Barrel for Impact.

    22” carbon wrapped Lilja blank chambered and threaded by Brian Allen of A-Team Precision. I bought this from a friend of Brian for a project that never came together. It had 200 rounds on it then. I ran 15-20 rounds through it to find pressure in my load work up and that’s as far as I got...
  11. McNamara0851

    Current shipping issues

    Shipped an XRS2 usps two weeks ago. No sign of it.
  12. McNamara0851

    WTB 34MM Badger Simrad Cap

    Looking for a 34mm 6 screw Simrad cap.