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  1. johnnycat

    SOLD: 4 AI AX Factory Mags

    I'll take the green mags. PM inbound.
  2. johnnycat

    want to sell: LEFTY Tikka Tac A1 308 chassis unused. Any lefty's out there possibly interested in buying one to upgrade their T3x/CTR?

    :ROFLMAO: I'm going admit that I have a short attention span and did not read the whole post, but I found this part amusing. Didn't we all say that when we first started? My advice - either get the Tac A1 and shoot it as-is because it is a great rifle, or get a savage and shoot the dog-piss...
  3. johnnycat

    Quotes of Snipershide

    You can't spit-shine velcro sneakers.
  4. johnnycat

    Tell me I am wrong.

    Females should not drive after drinking
  5. johnnycat

    HK VP9L

    I bought the long slide kit itself instead of a complete new pistol. Supposedly the o-ring is what makes it really desirable, but I've never had trouble with the standard barrel. Though I'm a certified HK fan-boy I can't really see the whole benefit of the long slide. I would opt for a slide...
  6. johnnycat

    Wanted KAC 25

    Sorry for the newbie question! I'm not familiar with high-end toilet paper. Can this also be used to clean dust off of a Quigley-Ford scope?
  7. johnnycat

    Full member status

    He said "member" [Insert Beavis and Butthead laughing sounds]
  8. johnnycat

    WTS: Manners T6A and EH-1A and Bartlein

    I'll take the T6a - PM inbound
  9. johnnycat

    🚨ELECTION RESULTS and vote counts starting to stream. Keep track of them here and update them as the evening progresses.

    Enough talk about stealing an election - this race shouldn't even be close enough for mail-ins to matter. I'm sure there is some fraud there, but let's face it - too many people voted against Trump. Which I can not fathom. In the places where you would think they would appreciate trump...
  10. johnnycat

    Some people did something

    It's the religion of peace showing their tolerance again. Also, I really wish France would adopt some common sense knife laws.
  11. johnnycat

    If the government goes after our semi rifles...

    If the Constitution and Bill of Rights don't stop them, do you really think a Trust will? And if we stand by as the Constitution and 2nd Amendment are trampled, are we suddenly going to rise up and demand the government recognizes our Trusts?
  12. johnnycat


    Is that an HORUS reticle on her nose?
  13. johnnycat

    Help !!! I’m stumped

    Looks like an MOA stock to me Edited to add for the benefit of OP - I'd ask in bolt action or gunsmithing section and disregard any info you get from the Bear Pit. It's kinda like watching a Mel Brooks movie - if there's a line or scene that you thought was serious, you've totally missed it
  14. johnnycat

    Nom nom - cowboy cavier

    I didn't realize it until now, but what this thread needs is some SPiced hAM
  15. johnnycat

    The "path to 270" talk again...

    That reminds me of one of those "gun store employee" encounters I had a few years ago. The associate was saying that no one should buy a .270 because they weren't accurate. His proof - no competitive shooters ever shot a .270. So there you go - just passing on the knowledge I have acquired to...
  16. johnnycat

    Hypothetical machinegun/nfa thoughts

    Let's start by repealing the Hughes amendment and go from there