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    WTB: fgmm/hornady 308 ammo

    Looking for 100-200 rounds of either FGMM or hornady If you are in Kentucky/Ohio I have cci450s and Br-2s
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    WTB 8x or 10x binos

    Looking for some 8x or 10x binos under $500. Would love some mavens
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    Wts: Hornady/prime 6.5 creed

    Looking to sell The following 6.5 creed ammo: 510 rds of factory Hornady 140 eld match ammo - 400rds is all the same lot, the other 110 is composed of a couple different lots. - SPF Also have 100rds of the previous version of factory Prime 130gr with the Norma golden target bullet - $165...
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    WTT: Holosun 509t for 508t/ Trijicon SRO

    Have a LNIB Holosun 509t. Never shot, just mounted. It’s just not my style. Looking for either the 508t or a Trijicon SRO
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    WTS: Tikka Proof 6.5 Creedmoor - $$drop

    Selling my tikka with a proof carbon fiber 24” prefit. Barrel has 40rds on it. Sits either in a krg bravo or GGS Raptor. Has yodave trigger spring also. $1600+ shipping in the bravo with spigot and QD sling mounts. BA - SPF. Will list bravo, and ammo separate Have 5-600 rds of 6.5 creed ammo also
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    Bushnell DMR2 Pro

    Looking to sell a LNIB DMR2 pro with the g3 reticle in mil/mil. Looking for $1100 shipped. Pics will be up in a bit
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    WTB/TF: Holosun 508/509t

    Looking for a Holosun 508/509t. Let me know what you have. Can trade with a Bushnell dmr2 pro with g3 reticle, or buy outright.
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    TT Diamond/ Krg Forend Weight/ HLR lug

    Looking to sell some extra stuff on my bench. I’ve got the following: TT Diamond - flat - RH - about 300rds run on it. $235 shipped Raven Rock Machine Brass Krg forend weight. Weight is 1lb. Asking $60 shipped HLR origin to TL3 barrel recoil lug - $30 Looking for a good carry pistol. Would...
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    WTB: German Gun Stock for Tikka T3

    Looking for a German Gun stock for a tikka t3. Let me know what you have. Ryan
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    WTB: RDS compatible Pistol

    Looking for either a Glock 19, cz p10c, or similar that either has a Holosun 507c or is cut for a RDS. Let me know what you have.
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    Xlr Envy FL Arca - w/weights and Thumbrest - SOLD

    Looking to sell and XLR envy for Rem 700 SA RH. Chassis is clear anodized, was one of Kyle Miller’s chassis’. Comes with Adjustable thumbrest Front Weight set - mismatched but for the job Ergo grip TR2 stock (new style) Asking $600 shipped or trade for a pair of maven c3s or a Glock 19 with an...
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    Bighorn TL3 for Tikka

    Yep, I’m back at it. For those that don’t know me, I have a rifle problem. Love this rifle, but I’m not shooting comps and don’t need a bighorn because I don’t change bolt heads. I only shoot 6.5 creed anymore. It’s a bighorn TL3 SA SAC did the barrel work Bartlein 5r 26” Rem varmint - threaded...
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    TL3 223 Shouldered Proof Prefit

    Looking to sell: Proof Stainless 223 bighorn TL3 prefit - 26” comp contour - 5/8”-24 - unfired. Bought a couple when I found them because a buddy wanted one when I got mine but he went a different route. I’m loving mine though. $400 + shipping
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    WTB: 223 and 6.5 prc ammo

    Looking for some 75 or 77gr 223 ammo preferably hornady/federal stuff, or custom loads. Also looking for hornady 147 eld 6.5 prc ammo. Let me know if you have any local to OH or KY, or are willing to ship.
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    WTB: Stock for TL3 SA RH

    Looking for either a manners or McMillan that has been bedded for a TL3 or has the mini chassis. Must be able to take at least a rem varmint barrel. Preferably adjustable cheek piece as well. Switching from a chassis to see if it helps some of the recoil ring I’m not a huge fan of.
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    Reloading gear - getting rid of it all

    selling all the below items as I am no longer reloading. The more you package the better I can make the deal to save on shipping. Over $115 ships free. Redding type S 6.5x47 die set - Micrometer seater and bushing FL sizer with .289 and .290 bushing - $100 - Sold Redding 6.5x47 FL sized -$22 -...
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    Primers in NKY/OH

    Anyone in NKY/OH need cci450s/BR2s? I’ve got the following: 2200 cci450s for $80 900 CCI BR-2s for $60 I will absolutely not ship. Don’t ask, and don’t mention I’ll take them if you decide to ship. It won’t be happening.
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    WTB: Bighorn TL3 223 barrel and bolt head

    Just as the title says. Let me know what you have.
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    Wts/t: Xlr Envy Pro - Tikka - $price drop

    Got a promotion at work and I’m upgrading to a bighorn. Looking to sell and XLR Envy Pro for a tikka SA. Has been to the range twice. Chassis is Ambidextrous so can be for a RH or LH. Comes with what you see in pics (including adjustable thumbrest) and recoil lug/action screws. I did have to...
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    WTB: Chassis for Bighorn Tl3

    Looking for a chassis for a SA RH bighorn TL3. Something like the following: xlr envy/element, Krg xray/bravo, MDT XRS. If you have weight on it or in it, even better Let me know what you have.