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  1. ShootnFool8


    Looking to sell 2 50 ct boxes. Just had back surgery, won't be shooting anytime soon. $100 to your door - PayPal F/F, MO
  2. ShootnFool8

    What did I Do Wrong, Help!

    Never had this happen. Self taught reloader, been for about 4 years now. Was shooting the other day, and the case had a ring around it. About a 1/4" from the base. Also half the brass was open. Can someone give me a explanation of what happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tried...
  3. ShootnFool8

    PST 1-4 GEN 1

    Looking to get rid of scope that just sits in safe. Has slight ring marks. Nothing wrong with it. It is illuminated. $275 OBO tyd
  4. ShootnFool8


    Got a cal gen2, that I have had for about 5 months. Looking to get rid of, nothing wrong with it. If you want pics, feel free to ask. $260 to your door. PayPal friends &family, MO. Thanks
  5. ShootnFool8

    East Coast Guys

    Wanting see, if there is any good places to shoot LR near D.C./Baltimore area. Headed that way next month for wife's work. I have nothing to do, for a week. Any info, or a place that is decent is really appreciated. Thanks