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  1. Rudy Gonsior

    SCAR Mk20 Review

    Hey Guys, just wanted to share the beginning of a little project I am working on this year. Basically I am reviewing a series of semi-auto sniper systems in context to their design and function. This lack context is something that I've always though gets lost in the noise of a lot of reviews. We...
  2. Rudy Gonsior

    WTS: Leupold Mk8 IMS

    Selling my Leupold Mk6 Sold and Mk8 IMS, both are 34mm mounts and in good condition with minor wear marks. Asking $160 for the Mk6 and $200 for the Mk8 (shipped). Pay Pal preferred. Mk8 - Side view of the Mk8 with some minor wear marks from a season of living with a CQBSS on top of an SPR Mk8...
  3. Rudy Gonsior

    AI AICS .300 WM 5 Round Magazine - WTS

    Want to sell (10) AI AICS .300 WM 5 Round Magazines. These are all AI marked mags in great condition, with either little or no wear. Asking $65 per (will bundle 3 or more at $55 per), not interested in trades. PayPal preferred and I’ll cover shipping within the continental United States. Edit...
  4. Rudy Gonsior

    Geissele MK4 13” Rail DDC - NIB

    Selling my 13” Geissele MK4 in DDC. This is brand new, only came out of the box for the pic. Long story short, I basically fat fingered myself a MK4 instead of a MK14 ?. Asking $220 shipped Pay Pal preferred ...trades you ask...still looking for a MK14 LoL! ?
  5. Rudy Gonsior

    WTS-Knights SR25/Mk11 30mm Rings

    Selling used KAC SR25/Mk11 30mm rings, these are steel construction and measure 1.273" in height. Asking $200 shipped, Pay Pal preferred.
  6. Rudy Gonsior

    WTS - 5 Rnd AI AICS .300WM

    Selling (4) 5 round Accuracy International AICS .300WM magazines. These are in great condition with minimal wear. Asking (shipped) $55 a piece or $50 if you want to bundle. PayPal is preferred.
  7. Rudy Gonsior

    WTS - Nightforce Ultralite 30mm Rings

    Selling my Nightforce Extreme Duty Ultralite Rings 30mm medium height. Rings are in great condition with only a little wear on the cross bolt nut from mounting. Asking $100 shipped, Pay Pal preferably.
  8. Rudy Gonsior

    WTS - Inforce APL GEN 3 pistol light

    Sell my Inforce APL Gen 3 pistol light, it’s in great condition and hardly used. The Gen 3 is 400 lumens (white light) with ambi-controls. This is the standard MIL-STD 1913 variety. It’s a great light weight option for full size or compact pistols. Asking $85.00 shipped, Pay Pal is preferred.
  9. Rudy Gonsior

    WTS - Mk18 MOD 1 BUIS and FH

    Selling my clone Mk18 MOD 1 BUIS, condition is used but there in great shape. Asking $120 for the KAC front sight and $70 for the Matech rear or all bundle $180 for the pair shipped. PP preferred. Also I’ll consider trades, particularly looking for KAC 45* BUIS or Badger Ord. LPBK enhanced...
  10. Rudy Gonsior

    Nightforce 30mm Ultra Rings - FS - $75

    Selling my old NF 30mm Ultra rings, they’re used but still in good condition, light marks on the cross bolts. Asking $75 shipped, PP preferred.
  11. Rudy Gonsior

    KAC Folding Front Sight - FS

    Selling KAC FF Sight for $125 shipped. The Sight is used but well maintained. PP preferred.
  12. Rudy Gonsior

    A.R.M.S. #22 M 30mm QD Rings - FS

    Selling my A.R.M.S. #22 M 30mm QD Rings. They are used but well maintained, asking $70 shipped PP preferred.
  13. Rudy Gonsior

    LaRue MBT Trigger - FS - $50

    Selling my LaRue MBT trigger, it’s an extra one I’ve had around the shop, never been out of the box. For $50 shipped it’s a pretty good trigger. PP preferred.
  14. Rudy Gonsior

    Magazine Blowout: Accuracy International, LaRue, FN, Magpul

    Cleaning out the shop and got a bunch of mags that aren’t doing much for me. PP preferred. (1) Accuracy International Short action .308WIN, 5 rounders, pretty much new and in great condition - asking $55.00 per shipped. (7) Accuracy International long action .300WM, 5 rounders, used with scuff...
  15. Rudy Gonsior

    Interesting M25 Info and Pics

    So back in 2013 I was serving as a lead istructor at the 1st Special Forces Group Sniper Detachment, around this time the detachment was forced to move out of one location to another. It was durning this eviction that the "great purge" of the sniper locker begin. Long dramatic stories aside, the...