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  1. Jmcmath

    Barrel alignment

    @DAVETOOLEY Enlighten us?
  2. Jmcmath

    Ammo price gouging

    Which we gonna bitch about today, ammo being out of stock everywhere or ammo being in stock but too high. Pick one
  3. Jmcmath

    Tikka vs AI feeding “smoothness”

    Awesome, I’ll consider it
  4. Jmcmath

    Tikka vs AI feeding “smoothness”

    Yes for sure, re reading there is an implication my other rifles feed poorly and they don’t. Very good actually, and I have done even more high grit sanding and improved it more. It’s more about how good the tikka is, I was catching myself thinking it didn’t pick up a round. Once I started...
  5. Jmcmath

    Tikka vs AI feeding “smoothness”

    Very interesting, I was assuming the ctr mags were part of the equation
  6. Jmcmath

    Tikka vs AI feeding “smoothness”

    My CTR with tikka try/ctr mags feeds more effortlessly/smoothly than any custom I’ve owned. I’m not just talking about bolt smoothness, which my defiance and Curtis are smoother, but picking ip a round and chambering the tikka is simply smoother. I’m considering doing a full build on it with the...
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    Thanks, the side page link is what I was going to but it’s not as comprehensive as when I click on your link. Weird
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    Where on the sales page is it? I don’t see it
  9. Jmcmath

    Ol Joe has the answer. Mask mandate!

    Be better off calling it wuhan virus if you’re gonna go the “technically” route
  10. Jmcmath

    where to buy adg 300 prc brass

    Go to their dealer list and start calling
  11. Jmcmath

    Sony Mirrorless Cameras

    I really enjoy my a7. I use the 35, 55 and 70-200 a lot. I’d say most of my use is with the 55 but if I could only have one it would be a toss up with the 35 and 55
  12. Jmcmath

    Gunsmiths - Who Do You Trust!

    Alex Wheeler, Dave Tooley I have Alex do my full builds. I consider both to be at the top of the heap. Dave does more in the tactical/practical precision niche so that’s who I would recommend for your purpose. Alex primary does Longrange Benchrest smithing
  13. Jmcmath

    CMP Garand

    A5s have lots of recoil? Also didn’t know about a5 thumb so I guess I’m doing something right
  14. Jmcmath

    Diversified machine

    It’s a shame because most other trap suppliers only sell aluminum or heavy steel tubes and kit. DM is one of the few that offers titanium and IME makes really high quality stuff. That said this is no new problem with DM and appears to have only gotten worse.
  15. Jmcmath

    Bushnell LRTS 4.5-18x44 fde

    Very good condition, all minor blemishes should be pictured, glass is great. G3 reticle The smudge in the second picture above the mag ring is just a smudge. Will get another pic to replace tonight if I can remember 699 shipped
  16. Jmcmath

    Question on Actions

    Or the opposite happened.
  17. Jmcmath

    If you were only going to have one caliber?

    I would probably end up buying a 6.5 creed. I think the “best” cartridge for that scenario is maybe a 284 win I would have no problems shooting my 6.5cm to 500 on deer. Personally I take bigger for elk, but would feel fine out to 300.
  18. Jmcmath

    Youtubers to watch

    Erik cortina Gunthots Garandthumb I watch a lot of YouTube but these are the ones I really enjoy. I consider all of their thoughts to be opinions still and they are in order of who I believe the most.