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  1. wjwill

    M118LR and 17.5" Bolt Action. Trying to figure something out without chronograph.

    Please forgive the question if it is considered dumb. I am trying to figure this out without a chronograph as I do not have one. I purchased 500 rds of M118LR from a hide member here a couple of months ago. I spoke with the member I got the ammunition from and he said my bullet speed on dope...
  2. wjwill

    FS: 22-250 once fired brass. SOLD

    180 once fired V-shock brass 106 once fired Winchester brass 40 Winchester varmint rounds, not fired 20 new 22-250 brass, never loaded You cover shipping and it's your's. I am just making room and sorting chit out.
  3. wjwill

    Need help getting started please, new to reloading.

    I have always bought ammo in bulk already loaded. I have finally decided to start a new path here and get in to reloading. I have read a lot of the threads in this section and looked at a lot of the reloading rooms in the picture thread. The only 2 rounds I plan to reload for are 233 and 308. I...
  4. wjwill

    FS: Seekins SP10 in 308, with possible extras

    I have for sale, a Seekins SP10 that I purchased back in 2015. I have fired 290 rounds down the pipe(200 hand loads and 90 FGGM). The last time I took it to the range was about 2 years ago and it has lost it's appeal to me. The rifle functions and shoots fine, I just have to many others and this...
  5. wjwill

    Currwntly in Carrizo Spring, Tx

    Does anyone know of any rifle ranges close to Carrizo Spring, Texas? I am in serious need of some range time. Thanks, Wesley
  6. wjwill

    Well, its tax season and I am about to get a late start.

    This year, I am looking at using the NEAT scanner to organize everything and scan it in to my computer. Anyone ever used a NEAT scanner and can give pros and cons of it? Thanks, Wes Link below to the scanner...
  7. wjwill

    Bruno shooter supply got stuff in for reloading today!

    Just wanting to pass on the info to fellow sportsmen. Have fun guys :D
  8. wjwill

    Bullet drop and turrets..

    quik question..... My scope turrets are 1/4 MOA adjustments. I have the scope zero'd at 100 yards, at 200 yards, I am dialing 2moa(8 clicks) on the scope for a direct hit. I even did a hold over on the rest and the hold over is at the first hash mark right below the center of the cross hairs...
  9. wjwill

    NEED HELP!!! if possible

    Is there a way to figure out what my muzzle velocity would be by the load i am using with out using a chronograph? .30 178gr Hornady AMAX Federal 210M Primer 43 grains of Varget Winchester brass The rifle data is.... Remington 700 18.5" Brux Barrel, it has a 1/10 twist I don't have a...
  10. wjwill

    So we are starting to have snake problems!!!

    This was spotted in the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana.
  11. wjwill

    West Virginia??????

    I'll be in the Clarksburg area for the next 3 or 4 months... Any fellow hide members close to that area care to meet up and shoot? Wes
  12. wjwill

    My nephew has an awesome teacher.

    I got off of work and went to visit my parents. Both of my nephews were there and the oldest of the two was excited about a song he learned in school. So i asked him what song they learned and he started singing "America The Beautiful". I asked him why that song and he replied that his teacher...
  13. wjwill

    Please forgive my ignorance on this one.

    Who is Eric Reid? I keep seeing his name and people posting rifles he built(which look sexy as hell). I have tried to google "Eric Reid" and all I come up with is sports and actors. Thanks, Wesley
  14. wjwill

    Seaman Timmy

    A friend of a friend that is currently serving in the United States Navy did this on his ship. I am glad to see our sailors are enjoying themselves this holiday season. They call him "Seaman Timmy", lol
  15. wjwill

    Shooting a 22-250 out to 1000 yards??

    How hard is it to push the 22-250 out to 1000 yards and make good hits? Would shooting an 80gr bullet with a BC of 0.415 get out there and buck the wind? Thanks, Wes
  16. wjwill

    Semi auto super short range sniper rifle! UPDATE!

    Its a hi-point carbine chambered in .40 S&W. This little carbine has dropped rabbits and small hogs out to 100 yards. A buddy of mine and I put this together as a joke at first, but the little rifle surprised us both when we started to shoot it. At 100 yards, it shoots 1" groups which I think is...
  17. wjwill

    Time for another build!!

    The last rifle I had built by Roscoe hit targets like sharks with laser beams, unreal accuracy. So I am gearing up to have him build me another custom, but this one will be a 260. Here is the layout of what I am wanting to do. I want it to be a switch barrel set-up based on a Remington long...
  18. wjwill

    My brother-n-law serving abroad.

    He is with the 555 Engineers(Triple Nickel) out of Ft Lewis, Wa. Everyone in my family and I are very proud of him for what he sacrifices. He won't be home for the holidays, but I will raise my glass to his name on Christmas day.
  19. wjwill

    Ok, which one of you is this?

  20. wjwill

    Question for the USMC guys on here.

    I just got off the phone with a co-worker that is still down in Venezuela. During our conversation, he briefly bragged about his son that joined the Marines about 6 months ago. He told me his son got assigned a new mos 0321. I have tried looking for that mos online and have had no luck. Can...