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  1. Defuzer

    fox 42 coming anytime soon?

    thanks @Massoud will hold off on large frame for you guys. I should hit US again next summer and be off for rest of year, so no rush on this end. and yeah. someone is selling one for 8k. whew.
  2. Defuzer

    fox 42 coming anytime soon?

    @Massoud any update on Fox 42? seen a few reviews and one for sale on ar15 forums, just want to know if you guys are going to release soon?
  3. Defuzer

    Sako M995 in 7mm Mag SOLD SOLD

    Same same ill take it send payment details
  4. Defuzer

    Sako M995 in 7mm Mag SOLD SOLD

    M995 trg-s? If so, I'll take it
  5. Defuzer


    Dumb question would this apply to xl?
  6. Defuzer

    Would like input on new .308 bolt gun to buy

    yes. barrels are available from diff smiths or KRG directly. same for action wrench..
  7. Defuzer

    Sako TRG / TRG-S M995 Thread **Sticky??**

    Mean m10 as a whole kinda pricey.... not that components wont work .... total system as a whlle for us poors is $$$
  8. Defuzer

    Sako TRG / TRG-S M995 Thread **Sticky??**

    you can get TRG bolts from eurooptic. the 42 bolts will fit m995. I grabbed a m995 (270win) barreled action here a few years back in case I wanted to go change barrel on TRG in the future. no counting M10 of course.
  9. Defuzer

    Big Iron Lovers Rejoice – the Windrunner M18!

    how are these things shooting? looking at grabbing .50 cal by end of year. everything on the table for now, ax50, barrett, Vigilance, anzio, and DT
  10. Defuzer

    SilencerCo BOGO

    still waiting on the two cans I ordered as well. hopefully before end of June as I am deploying around that timeframe. with my luck, about two days after I leave the US, dealer will email me to come by. two items I purchased still in purgatory too. maxim 9 and SD can
  11. Defuzer

    The Fix from Q

    @Kevin Brittingham, with mini fix in the que so to speak, any discussions on a rimfire platform also? maybe a micro fix??
  12. Defuzer

    Sako TRG / TRG-S M995 Thread **Sticky??**

    what aftermarket stocks are available for TRG-S/M995? same footprint as 42 see KRG and McMillan. for TRG-S specifically, would a 42 stock work? XLR has stopped inletting for Sako. other option would be going flat top and custom I suppose
  13. Defuzer

    Savage 16" .308 prefit 8 twist (bighorn, mausingfield, etc.)

    Also have 22-250 barrel unknow rd count I will throw in. Savage fluted barrel. Pics in AM
  14. Defuzer

    Savage 16" .308 prefit 8 twist (bighorn, mausingfield, etc.)

    I have X-Caliber prefit barrel, approx. 120rds through it. bull barrel profile, savage small shank, .308win, 1:8 twist, 16inches, threaded 5/8-24 $250.00 PP F&F preferred. will post up pics over weekend.
  15. Defuzer

    WTS Sako M995/TRG-S Barrel Action

    I'll take it pm paypal info
  16. Defuzer

    .260 REM Case (200rd) Prime 130gr hpbt

    cleaning up in workshop found case of prime .260rem ammo. (I don't have a 260 anymore).. retails for 319. asking 250 shipped. PP preferred. will get some pics later today. Thanks