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  1. navynambu

    M40A1 Build - Circa 1975 to about 1980-82?

    You're of course right on that Marty, I never looked at the photo close enough, thanks! The Greenie Redfield scope on the rifle has kind of an interesting story. It surfaced maybe 3 years ago in a pawn shop in Arkansas, on the "junk scope" rack, priced at $42.50. A local law enforcement...
  2. navynambu

    M40A1 Build - Circa 1975 to about 1980-82?

    I wanted to build an early Type 1 M40A1 with the look of the post-Vietnam but pre-Unertl time-frame when the Redfield Greenies carried over for a while. I'll eventually put an Unertl on this, but I wanted to take a couple of photos with the Greenie on it. I have an original M40 Redfield mount...
  3. navynambu

    Goodbye Republican Party

    The system is not broken, its working perfectly, it was designed that way. To change the result, you can't use the same thinking which was used to design the system.
  4. navynambu

    Steyr SSG 69 triggers....

    Can I ask you or some of the other SSG 69 owners a question on these triggers? I have been thinking of getting one off these beauties for several years, and actually have been shopping more for a 2 trigger gun rather than a one trigger gun. Can I ask you why you don't like the 2 trigger? I don't...
  5. navynambu

    Danish mask study

    Please don't wear a mask. Let Darwinism do its magic.
  6. navynambu

    A solution to my Pit Problem

    Frequently you have to destroy the village to save it. Seems like a reasonable solution here. I'm over politics.
  7. navynambu

    Turkey Day

    Going to T-giving dinner with some of my family is a crime with its own punishment...
  8. navynambu

    I hate the little plastic flow limiter thing in big Jameson bottles...

    They put those in to prevent people from giving scotch enemas. Kind of like when I worked for a budweiser distibutor in the 1980's and would pick up boxes of "empty" long necks from gay bars on Mondays, and all the bottles were half full: then known as "beer fizzes."
  9. navynambu

    43 Remington 1903a4 M73b1

    I must see 15-20 of these that have been refinished for every one I see that hasn't gone through the post-war rebuild. That's a beauty! My favorite is the first series in their original blue finish...!
  10. navynambu

    Need camping gear help

    I like that Kodiak Canvas bag for $199, looks like it'd be comfy with a gortex cover. I'm picking on of those up.
  11. navynambu

    Need camping gear help

    Personally, I like the cowboy bed rolls unless you need to pack in, then they are too heavy for that. But if you are just pulling in the truck and unpacking, they are fine, or if you are doing a pack hose or mule. I'm 6'5" and you can get custom made ones for you from several outfitters. They...
  12. navynambu

    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    It because they kept all the waitresses tips today :)
  13. navynambu

    A big FUCK YOU to Libertarians

    You are correct. They want the completely government the fuck out of their lives, out of their bodies, and purport to actually believe in Freedom.... They are fun to party with too, and usually have good looking women with them, who are "libertarian" too (if you know what i mean)!!
  14. navynambu

    M40A1, did they tack weld the BDL box?

    I have one that was built by Dave Clark back in 2016, and it has the welded bottom metal. Frankly, tho, I think it's stupid. There's really no reason for it it seems to me unless you plan to disassemble the rifle in the middle of nowhere in the dark and are so inept that you might not be able...
  15. navynambu


    Yes, super cool USMC pipe, and the PWS build really makes it for me too.
  16. navynambu


    Spec clone, smear, Quantico PWS built, :)
  17. navynambu

    Fuck You Arizona and I Hope You Choke On A Cock Chris Wallace!

    Turns out the LDS was not a big supporter of DT this go around in AZ. Pretty much cuts out a up to 1/3 of the Rep. voter base in Maricopa Co., typically a death blow to any Rep running in Maricopa. Also DT did poorly in Utah. So DT made couple big mistakes for purposes of AZ, insulting both McC...
  18. navynambu

    (LOL) You want to make people with nothing left to lose? This is how...

    Paul Gosar is a total douche bag. He needs to be left behind on the trail, without a canteen, when Arizona regroups.
  19. navynambu

    So is it over? Biden wins?

    All over but the tears.