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  1. Travelor

    M1D leather cheekpiece

    Were these ever used by military snipers on a 1903A4?
  2. Travelor

    ATF Cease and Desist order
  3. Travelor

    Scope power on M24

    I am aware the M24 has a fixed Leupold Mk 4 10X scope, but was it ever issued or changed in the field for a higher power scope? My Club is establishing an issue sniper rifle class of competition. I have the Leuold Mk 4 10X but wondering about an acceptable higher power scope.
  4. Travelor

    Used cartridge boxes

    I'm looking for some empty brown boxes that were used with M118LR ammo. Want these empties to fill with my M118LR clone loads for my personal use, not for sale or trade. My current load is 43.3 grains of Varget in 2004 LC cases, FGMM primers, 175 grain SMK loaded to Remington 700 PSS mag...
  5. Travelor

    New M24 for sale

    Not me but: Anyone have comments on this new issued rifle? Good or Bad would be helpful in purchasing decision.
  6. Travelor

    Where are the protectors of commercial propperty

    Why are the authorities not setting up martial law and keeping the looters away? It seems like the looters are using the murder as an excuse to get free stuff and tear their neighborhoods apart and the Minneapolis city politicians standing by with their heads up their a**'s and placating the...
  7. Travelor

    WTS Ken Light Annealing machine

    I have a Ken Light annealing machine with 5 wheels for sale. The discs are for 223 Rem and 204 Rem(two), 6PPC, 6BR, 6 Dasher, 30 BR, and 308. Price is $500 plus shipping. Reason for sale is purchasing another annealing machine. Personal checks (7 day wait) or certified checks.
  8. Travelor

    WTB Joy-Pod

    I am looking to purchase a joy-pod
  9. Travelor

    Purple eye?

    I posted a question concerning the Can Cannon that uses a AR-15 lower and a factory made barrel/tube and the thread has a "purple eye" by the number of replies section. Any idea why the "purple eye" is there?
  10. Travelor

    Can cannon

    Anyone besides me have one of these? If so tell me your experiences please. So far I have found it to shoot a unopened coke can 100 yards using a 45 degree launch angle. It kicks like a 12 gauge Magnum. Great fun!!!!!!!
  11. Travelor

    V-22 and Eley Match

    The other V-22 thread is getting way to long now and the subjects within it are all over the place, so I thought I would start one specifically for this question. I'm shooting precision/tactical matches with mine and want to shoot Eley Match, with the EPS nose, as it is more accurate at...
  12. Travelor

    Roland Beaver

    Almost three years ago I took my 1903A4 parts with a actual A43 receiver new Criterion barrel to Roland for assembly. He has moved to Heber Springs, Arkansas (I think). I am unable to get either and address or phone number for him. I'm about to go to the Heber Springs police for help retrieve...
  13. Travelor

    Vortex PST Gen II

    I have the above scope in 5-25 power, EBR-4 reticle, second focal plain. Stupid question: At what power setting does the the scope need to be set at to be able to have the reticle markings be at 1 MOA.
  14. Travelor

    RPR trigger problem

    After finally getting my RPR to shoot with a Green Mountain barrel I have a new issue: sticky trigger release blade, part number 17 When I cycle the bolt into firing position, the "trigger release" blade locate inside the trigger is hanging up. i.e. it is sticky. I have cleaned the trigger...
  15. Travelor

    Bedding a Ruger "Precision"

    Either here or on Rimfire Central I saw one poster talked about bedding his Ruger :Precision". I cannot find it. Will someone help please. From looking at the unexplained flyers using good ammo, there are just to many of these. I have to beleve that something is loose and is causing this but...
  16. Travelor

    American RIfleman article Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Anyone read the latest NRA Rifleman mag? Here is my evaluation of the article. Article on RPR is more a fluff piece that a honest evaluation. The magazine problem was not even addressed. All of us are having magazine problems due the shortness of the supplied 15 round magazines in relation...
  17. Travelor

    GM RPR replacement barrel problem

    Actually two problems. I have a call in to GM about the below. Barrel is the 18" threaded barrel for the Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle. First one - The bullets are striking the baffles in my silencer. First time at the range and this is causing the bullets to strike the target 2"-4" above and...
  18. Travelor

    Changing RPR barrel

    I have read about the RPR barrel swap to a GM barrel, BUT not finding any videos or text concerning removing and reinstalling the barrel nut. I measured the nut and it is an odd size and I'm concerned about how to hold the action and not damage it when removing the barrel nut. Please tell me...
  19. Travelor

    Osprey ES 3-30x56 FFP scope?

    Saw one of these at a LGS and can find NO information about it. Tube is 35mm. Has two color lighted reticle with controls on the parallax nob. Anyone have any experience with one? If so what did yo pay for it?
  20. Travelor

    Side focus Weaver T-scopes?

    Anyone have any information concerning these scopes? Maybe a link to a sight showing them?