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  1. johnnycat

    Happy Boxing Day

    Happy Boxing Day, Sean and Barney. Happy anniversary of the Battle of Trenton, all you Deplorables!
  2. johnnycat

    American Revolution

    While watching a documentary on the American Revolution last night I realized that there was a ton of stuff that I don’t know about the American Revolution. We got the really basic stuff in school but nothing beyond that. Maybe also I’m feeling a lot of frustration with government that the...
  3. johnnycat

    China: South China Sea is not enough...We want the Moon!

    "We Chinese people have done something that the Americans have not dared try," he said, according to The New York Times. We reary did it!
  4. johnnycat

    When will France enact common-sense knife laws? Motive is "unknown". Imagine that. Police brought guns to a knife fight. Imagine that. Wouldn't it have been great for the victims to have that same luxury.
  5. johnnycat

    Threadcutter wants me to get a haircut

  6. johnnycat

    Defensive Bullet Selection

    When it comes to defensive bullets for a handgun the popular choices seem to be Federal HST, Winchester Ranger-T, and Speer Gold Dot. Is there any reason to look elsewhere? To simplify the argument let's just go with 9mm and .45acp in a reasonable carry handgun (no long slide and no pocket...
  7. johnnycat

    Rain Gear suggestions?

    What would be the best warm weather rain gear? I need something to keep me dry - but it needs to be lightweight and breathable. I need warm-weather suggestions - something for the Southeast in the summer. Thanks in advance...
  8. johnnycat

    Lh k31

    Does anyone know where I can get a LH op rod for a K31? Something along lines of the Burgin device or Swiss Products conversion. Or is anyone handy enough to make one? I've tried to contact the companies that made them previously but not sure if they are in business.
  9. johnnycat

    North Mississippi/West Alabama Shooters?

    I'm always looking for fellow shooters who can appreciate a bullet other than the Remington Core-Lokt. Feel free to respond...even if you did so back in 2014
  10. johnnycat

    Optics Vendors

    [I posted this on the Scout Site - it's good to be back here. Sorry if this turns into a duplicate post] Who are some Optics Vendors that support the Hide? I need to talk to someone about reticles and scopes. Thanks, JBA
  11. johnnycat

    Proud Day - Took my son shooting!

    I have worked with my 8-year-old son a little with BB guns and a .22 with iron sights. He kinda got the idea, but not very well and didn't particularly enjoy shooting. I decided to take a chance so I bought him a youth CZ 452 and mounted a fixed power 6x Leupold scope. The results were...
  12. johnnycat

    I have a scope without a rifle. Suggestions?

    Of course I try to keep a balance with high end rifles and scopes, but there's a disturbance in the force. I have a scope without a partner - one of those things that just happened. So...I'm taking suggestions on how to solve this problem and get another rifle worthy of good glass. By the...