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  1. Mr. Zick

    SOLD - Razor G2 (E) 1-6 mrad

    As new Razor G2 (E) 1-6x24 mrad. SCOPE ONLY! As in no box, no mount, no covers, no lens cloth, no sticker, so please don’t ask. I mounted it and never even got around to zeroing it and “the new shiny” calls. No trades $950 shipped PayPal FF or +3% No mention of anything gun related in...
  2. Mr. Zick

    SOLD Vortex Strike Eagles 5-25 mrad $425 each shipped

    It’s ONLY the scopes. No boxes, sunshades, etc. Both in excellent condition. I’ll post pics here tonight. $425 per shipped, prefer PP F/F or +%3
  3. Mr. Zick

    SOLDHalf-Face blades Cardiac Spike $125SOLD

    SOLDAs new in original box with kydex sheath, sticker and card. Black wrap black ceracote. $125 shipped.
  4. Mr. Zick

    WTB- quality complete AR pistol lower

    DD, BCM level. I can’t afford your KAC and I don’t want your PSA. New or gently used condition, factory or frankenbuild. So long as you didn’t fuck it up putting it together.
  5. Mr. Zick

    SOLDSig P320 X5 with (4) 21 round mags $750 shipped SOLD

    Total of 150 rounds through it. Thought I would do some pistol comps but it isn’t happening. I’ll get pics up tonight. $750 shipped
  6. Mr. Zick

    SOLD Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60 ECR-1 $825 SOLD

    Excellent condition Golden Eagle. Scope and metal screw on caps only. No box, etc. $825
  7. Mr. Zick

    LS holsters Antero for Staccato w/ X300 $75 shipped

    As new. $104.99 from them, $75 shipped.
  8. Mr. Zick

    SOLD5-25 Strike Eagle FFP moa $450SOLD

    I bought this as a demo so it’s just the scope. No box, sunshade, etc. Its never been mounted, just too much scope for my AR. $450 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  9. Mr. Zick

    Delta P 3/4-5/8 adapter (DTA) $65

    Bought this thinking I would need it but A2 uses 5/8-24 on factory barrels. $70
  10. Mr. Zick

    Traded Viper PST: 6-24 FFP MOA Traded

    6-24 in very good condition, ebr2c moa $475 shipped. 5-25 in excellent condition, ebr7c moa $725 shipped. SOLD partial trade for Atlas bipod. BT-10, PSR, CAL2. LW-17 please. it’s ONLY the scopes! No rings, sunshades, caps, boxes, etc. If you want more pics just say so. I only had a couple...
  11. Mr. Zick

    SOLD: AREA 419 Hellfire 6.5 with 5/8x24 adapter stainless $130 shipped

    Replaced with a black one, no issues. Used for about 400 rounds. PayPal preferred
  12. Mr. Zick

    Found: SPUHR 3602 / comparable high end mount 1.5” 30mm 20moa

    Looking for a non cantilever 1.5” height, 30mm, 20moa mount. Spuhr, Nightforce, RRS, any other high end brands considered. Let me know what you’ve got. PayPal ready
  13. Mr. Zick

    SOLD McMillan HTG 700SA M5 varmint $525

    Took in trade and I don’t need it. Condition is lightly used, there’s a couple rubs you can only see if your really looking for problems. The area that looks bedded is as it came from McMillan. One of the sling studs was out of it so one is blued, the front and back are stainless. $525 shipped...
  14. Mr. Zick

    Vortex 34mm Lo Pro bubble levels (x2) $60 shipped

    One as new and one unopened in package. $60 shipped for both.
  15. Mr. Zick

    SPFVortex AMG 6-24 moa now $1500

    SPFUsed AMG original EBR-7(not 7b) moa with some wear on the tube where the last owner must have twisted and slid the scope in the rings to adjust position and cant and a few others on tube and bottom of bell. Glass is perfect marks are cosmetic. Red lines mark wear, the other “mark” is a...
  16. Mr. Zick

    Found thanks

    Looking for 2 or 3 with or without extensions. PayPal ready.
  17. Mr. Zick

    P320 x-five holster and mag carrier recommendations

    Google-fu turned up a bunch of Etsy “universal” junk. Looking to take a few defensive pistol classes and possibly shoot some 3 gun. I would like to keep the combo at ~$150. Kydex and aluminum please, adjustable retention preferred. Stuff you have used please, I can scroll through pics and...
  18. Mr. Zick

    WTT stainless Area419 Hellfire for black (6.5mm)

    Getting rid of all things shiny. Will sell with 5/8-24 adapter for $165 so I can find a black one.
  19. Mr. Zick

    Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60 ECR-1 $850

    As new Golden Eagle 15-60 ECR-1. Looks like it was never mounted and is still optically centered from factory. Scope only, no box, sunshade, etc. PayPal preferred now $850 shipped
  20. Mr. Zick

    Vortex Razor gen2 1-6 SOLD (e) vmr-2 mrad $1000SOLD

    Took in trade. Looks like it was mounted and never used. The objective lens was dusty, the battery cap was removed (to put the battery in), and there is almost imperceptible ring marks. So I’m calling it better than demo condition. Scope only. PayPal preferred $1000 shipped