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    Something you should read

    This is the history of the Continuity of Government Plan in America Here are the basics: - Pragmatically, @ 1950 the Gov starts building underground bunkers for the insurance of continuation of the federal government in the event of a national emergency - 1960s at Mt Weather they start gaming...
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    KeyWiki - would you like to know more?

    Would you like to know more about your world and your very own community - like who by name and organization is an active Communist? Start with a big look, just punch in your state in the upper left. KeyWiki
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    Humor / Advise Me - Scanner

    So as many of you know the fire situation here in OR is pretty wild. I'm under a level 2 evac now and I'll be up all night listening to the scanner and plotting Google Earth to understand how much danger I am in. Thus far, we have some wind driven fires, some suspicious fires, and some out...
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    WTS: KAC ER Upper

    Threaded by Boltcarrier / @ 1750 rounds / includes Test Targets, Zero Target URX propaganda / upper as shown including SF 3 prong $2,500 + shipping
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    Pelosi as POTUS?

    This article covers that there are 10 'battle ground' states that will likely decide the 2020 election. It then goes on to discuss how Pelosi could wind up as POTUS: Nancy Pelosi, President? The United States has a line-of-succession statute that dictates what happens if an election is...
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    KuntMalla Harris - (riots) are not going to stop, pre or post election - and they should not

    The vice presidential candidate tells you how it be: There will be no debates. This will never be raised by a credible journalist. She just made a declarative statement: I play for Team Commy.
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    Look to the right of Warren's Shoulder Certainly 'lizzyBeth isn't pushing a marxist group now is she?
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    Angled Red Dot Mounting Experiences?

    What are the pros and cons to mounting to the primary optic tube like the LaRue 787, vs off the 3 or the 9? Is one more shootable? Less snaggy? A smarter way to do it? Is there a 3rd way that is the best? TIA
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    WTS: AI Dovetail Mounts - 34 mm

    $75 per copy shipped.
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    FEC Commiss - We Will Not Know POTUS Winner Elect Night

    She made it clear: just take a deep breath and be patient and let the government decide if Donald J. Trump won reelection - what could go wrong? Two parallel narratives that continue to unfold: A) The 2020 Election will be a contested election. B) Normalizing the fuzziness (fraud) associated...
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    77 grn SPR Load - would you rather?

    What would you rather have? A slower more accurate load or 50 fps? 18" barrel / 60 degrees / 1790 DA 77 Nosler 2600 fps vs 77 Nosler at 2,650 I have shot several 5 and 10 round groups with both loads. Both will produce 1/2 MOA groups. More typically both stack 3, 1 close and one flyer. With...
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    Out of left field - Hot Yoga

    I run mid 20 miles a week, lift some weights, stretch and whatnot.... Been to a few hot yoga classes recently - 105 - 107 degrees w/ @ 50% humidity - 90 minute class. If you haven't, it is worth checking out. I have done some regular yoga, but this is definitely next level as far as effort...
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    All by my lonesome in the woods

    After a while the track indicated no one else in the area. Great knight.
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    Dementia, Death and Cans?

    My poor ol father has dementia and is not long for this world. He has a couple of cans as an individual. What is the process to transfer them to me (several cans) or better yet to other family members? Where do they need to legally physically sit after he departs and before transfer to the new...
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    12.5” R700 Pistol - Factory Looks like it may take an AR buffer tube 12.5” barrel / 22” OAL / 6.15# .308 10.5” barrel / 21” OAL / 5.95# .300 AAC MSRP $1,020.00
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    Dirty Diana After Reviewing Kavanaugh Investigation Findings

    What did Dirty Di see in the SCIF? I bet she needs to change her underoos about now....ask yourself, do you really think she is this visibly upset b/c of the potential of back alley abortions and men potentially abusing women? Old hag can still lace up her cleats for the camera, I’ll give...
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    Doctor Ford’s Polygraph was released.....

    Well worth the read Summary - Ford sends ChinaGateFeinstein a letter with week later, this person with a fear of flying is in Maryland getting a polygraph done....The allegations in the letter are inconsistent with the allegations for the poly
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    Case Volume / Pressure / Charge Weights?

    I have been using Winchester cases for .300WM but recently came across an opportunity to purchase a bunch of Black Hills cases - all the same year. I have read all the speculation about who makes the cases for Black Hills and decided I need to test the case volume. I filled several Win and...