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    308 AR10 Build Info/Picture Thread

    LR10 6.5 18 in. ballistic barrel, Aero upper, SLR gas block, LMT trigger, LuthAR stock, Leopold 4x12 firedot reticle that I put together and my Weatherby 6.5 DU rifle of the year that I won with a 3x9 Leopold that I got sighted in this past weekend.
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    Help me choose my Elk rig for this season..

    How many time were they hit? I have always said that it Doesn't hurt to get shot! BUT it hurts like hell to get well !!!!!
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    Help me choose my Elk rig for this season..

    LEAVE the 35 rem at home. in a closet or wet basement. 46 years ago I was shot with a 35rem. , thru the car door of a 70 camaro and into me from less that 100 yds. thru the rib cage, missed the heart and stopped against the spine. 10 days in the hospital , and out. maybe it should have been...
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    Out of state purchase

    thank you.
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    Out of state purchase

    like the title said, I live in Wisconsin but travel to Tennessee quite often visiting my daughter. Her home town has a dealer that sells suppressors and all the legal paper work done for you. Can I purchase a suppressor with all the paper work done by them and pick it up and take it home with...
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    Suggestions on 6.5 CM suppressor ???

    I have a 6.5 CM 18" BSF barreled rifle and was wondering what suppressor I should be looking at for Deer hunting.. this will be my 1st and only suppressed rifle. I have decided on a thread on not a quick on/off. looking forward to your suggestions. thank you
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    6.5 Creedmor $300 barrel budget, What would you buy?

    I have a BA 18in barrel that shot 1/2 moa with the mid length gas tube that I took of my rifle because I got a deal on a BSF carbon 18in. and wanted to lighten up my rifle a bit. it is for sale if your interested pm $145 shipped.
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    1911 with a red dot

    Thank You, just sent them an email, could not find a way to log in on their web site, and I have to say That is one beautiful job on your 1911 !!!!
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    1911 with a red dot

    Thank you sending him an email with pistol type and requesting a quote/time frame, again thank you
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    1911 with a red dot

    With old eyes I am "looking" at putting a red dot sight on my 1911 S&W PC carry pistol. has anyone done this and if so where did you find a gun smith to mill the top and tap it for the mounting plate. I am in Wisconsin and cannot seem to find a smith to do this?
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    Savage MSR 10 Long Range conversion

    I have a 6.5 CM barrel 18" BA with gas tube for sale if interested msg me. thanks
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    FS 6.5 creedmore barrel

    Price reduced to $160.00 shipped.
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    FS 6.5 creedmore barrel

    I have a 6.5 Creedmore BA 18" heavy profile barrel and gas tube for sale, $175 shipped. 125 rds thru it , got a lighter weight BSF 18" barrel that I installed instead, trying to lighten up my LR 6.5 creedmore. will accept pay pal. thank you for looking
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    Advice on barrel and barrel length for a 6.5 Creedmore build

    Onthex I will be posting my 18in BA barrel with the gas tube in the next day or 2 after I get pictures and will be asking $175 including shipping is your interested pm me.
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    Advice on barrel and barrel length for a 6.5 Creedmore build

    18 in is great, I have a BA that I am presently shooting and is sub 3/4 in. I will be replacing it with my new 18in BSF carbon barrel and will be offering it up the BA barrel at a reasonable price in the next couple weeks
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    Barrett Rec10?

    your asking for your brother, THEN that means that He HAS to allow you to shoot it every now and then because you did all the leg work for him !
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    Trigger Upgrade

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    Looking for barrel with specific specs...

    take a look at BSF barrel web site maybe they have something that might interest you