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  1. smacha538

    Vortex Razor HD LHT Input

    So how do we all feel about this offering from Vortex? Looking for some recent thoughts and impressions. Also, how does it compare to say the Bushnell DMR2 line. Any other comparable scopes to consider?
  2. smacha538

    .223 For Deer Hunting

    62 grain Federal Fusion. I’ve shot several deer with this load, and all were stone dead. I think one may have taken about 5 wobbly steps and collapsed. All others just dropped. All were behind the shoulder vital shots. Bullet would pass through the vitals, and could be recovered on the off side...
  3. smacha538

    WTS: BNIB Zermatt TL3/BNIB Proof 6.5 CM

    - brand new in the box, right hand, short action TL3, standard bolt face, full dlc, AICS mag cut - brand new in the box, Proof pre fit TL3, chambered in 6.5 cm, carbon, 20 inches, sendero profile $2,050 shipped. Not interested in separating the action and barrel.
  4. smacha538

    Badger / Larue Mounts

    Are the Badger standard rings still available?
  5. smacha538

    WTB Manners Stock

    Looking for a short action, right hand, mini chassis, with a barrel channel that will accommodate a proof sendero. When you get a chance, please send me the full build specs of the stock, with a pic or two. Thanks!
  6. smacha538

    WTB Manners Stock

    Looking for a Manners cut specifically for a TL3, with a barrel channel that will accept a Proof Sendero contour. Bonus points for a mini chassis.
  7. smacha538

    WTT NIB Zermatt TL3/NIB Proof TL3 Prefit

    All pm’s responded. Everything is still available, keep the offers coming
  8. smacha538

    WTT NIB Zermatt TL3/NIB Proof TL3 Prefit

    I may consider it. Feel free to PM an offer. Not in a bind or a rush to sell. So not interested in lowball offers.
  9. smacha538

    WTT NIB Zermatt TL3/NIB Proof TL3 Prefit

    - NIB Zermatt TL3, short action, standard bolt face, AICS mag cut - NIB Proof carbon fiber TL3 prefit barrel, 20 inch, chambered in 6.5 CM Looking for a NIB Larue, Noveske, Knights, etc. Open to offers, but must be unmodified, unfired, and in NIB condition.
  10. smacha538

    NIB Surefire X300U-B

    Brand spanking new. Batteries not included. $225 shipped.
  11. smacha538

    New Build- Bighorn TL3 or Nucleus

    TL3. Brownells has both the aw and aics magwell cut in stock
  12. smacha538

    I’m bored. Sell me your shtuff.

    I’m hoarding a brand new Swarovski EL binocular if you’re interested.
  13. smacha538

    LNIB Swarovski EL 10x42

    Purchased in September of this year. Brand new in every way. Never left the house. Looked through them on the back porch, and test fit them in a new bino harness. Comes with everything they shipped with. $1925 shipped.