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  1. Broncovan

    COVID vaccine side effects Lol. Side effects... What was your worse reaction to vaccinations? I'll see your COVID side effects and raise you 7 Anthrax shots. Although the 15 jabs with the...
  2. Broncovan

    Panfilov's 28 men

    Pretty good movie. You don't see many movies about the Eastern Front.
  3. Broncovan

    Sold. New? Manners T2 stock w/DBM

    New or like new Manners T2 Savage 4.4" spacing with mini chassis and CDI bottom metal. Top bolt release and with very minor inletting, a bottom bolt release with fit. Bottom photo shows a bottom release mounted in the stock, it fits, but could use just a tiny bit more clearance. No flush...
  4. Broncovan

    Anyone watch "Into the Forest"?

    I looked for it on here, but didn't see a topic for it. Pretty good flick. Makes you stop and think about just how prepared you are for this type of situation. Premise of the movie is that there is a prolonged power outage, possibly only regional. Turns into no power for many months...
  5. Broncovan

    SOLD: 250 count 175gr Nosler Custom Comp 308 projo's

    Like the title says, one unopened box of 308 175gr Custom Comp bullets. SOLD
  6. Broncovan

    SOLD--Lake City LR brass

    I have approximately 480 pieces of Lake City LR brass, all '08 headstamp and 100 pieces of Lake City Match brass, '81 headstamp. All once fired from my bolt gun. **SOLD**
  7. Broncovan

    SOLD-Nightforce 4-14x50 SHV f1 Mil/Mil-SOLD

    As the title states, I'm selling my SHV 4-14x50 Nightforce. Mil/Mil. The good: Very clean scope, very faint ring marks. No other bumps or dings. This sat in Seekins precision rings on my NRL22 rifle. Terrific scope, no problems whatsoever. The bad: No box or anything that came with it. $850...
  8. Broncovan

    SOLD**Vortex 34mm PMR rings SOLD**

    Vortex precision rings, medium- plus height. Very good condition. $100 shipped PP friends/ family or USPS
  9. Broncovan

    WTS-500 pieces once fired LC-LR 308 brass

    Once fired LR brass, fired from my bolt gun. All have '08 head stamp. $100 shipped PP friends/family or USPS m/o
  10. Broncovan

    **Sold** Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 MRAD**Sold**

    I've decided to get out of the long range game and focus on 3 Gun and USPSA. As the title states, 4.5-27x56 Razor HD II MRAD EBR 2-C scope. This Razor is used but not abused. It has some safe handling marks but other than that, it's in very good condition. Comes with Vortex throw lever, bubble...
  11. Broncovan

    Ksanoski os GTG.

    Fast shipping. Chassis as advertised.
  12. Broncovan

    overwatch508 is GTG

    Fast shipping. As described
  13. Broncovan

    Not sure if I missed it, but,,,,,,,

    Has anyone heard about Noveske getting out of the 7.62 business "for a bit"? I want to get a 18" barrel w/switchblock and after looking at their site, I decided to give them a call. I talked to one of their reps today about their website not having any 7.62 barrels/uppers/rifles. The guy was...
  14. Broncovan

    Cut LAR-8 barrel?

    I'm thinking about cutting my 26" LAR-8 Varmint barrel. I want to get a suppressor and don't want to have 34" of barrel sticking out there. With a barrel that long, I wouldn't have to shoot anything, just whack it on the head! What's the shortest I should go? 20, 22, 24"? Rifle shoots great...
  15. Broncovan

    I went and did it this time

    I've been snooping around here awhile and decided that I wanted to get into a longer range AR and have been trying to put together a DPMS 308. Started buying lower parts and got my stripped lower in early last week, but my FFL told me about this baby coming in Friday or yesterday. He called me...