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  1. el-wood

    -SOLD- Bladnoch "Talia" 25 year old scotch

    Brand new in the box unopened. I want to trade this fine bottle of spirits for a brand new in package Bix' n andy tacsport pro two stage trigger or will sell it for $350....and the buyer pays shipping. If you search online this bottle sells for around $500....i did a quick search and this link...
  2. el-wood

    WTB ak wood furniture

    That will fit an Arsenal sam7r milled receiver. Im needing stock, handguard and grip. Please let me know what you have or guide me to a good place online....not really wanting to pay ironwood design prices tho.
  3. el-wood

    KY Gov. Bevin addresses Gun Violence

  4. el-wood

    Blueprinting or trueing an action

    Can someone please explain the differences of the two if any and what would be the advantages of having this done say to a remington 700 action. Thanks for any input. Elwood