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  1. bmash

    Defiance tenacity vs model 7 observation

    Obvious, but I just felt the need to make an observation. I took the granddaughter to prep for deer season and we shot a model 7 260 R which has been trued and rebarreled. VERY accurate! Then we shot my 223 tenacity build. Dad gum it!! It is so smooth and cycles so much better it makes me want...
  2. bmash

    Underwood 140 penetrator vs 200 hard cast recoil

    Any experience with recoil for these two rounds in a Glock 20 (10mm)? Obviously followup shot placement is very important so I wondering If recoil is significantly less on the Xtreme Penetrator vs the 200 gr hardcast.
  3. bmash

    Shilen DGV rifle

    Any experience with a Shilen complete rifle? My neighbor is looking to buy one with a 6 creedmore and 22-250 barrel for Varmints hunting.
  4. bmash

    Primer not igniting question

    Any thoughts on these fail to fire? I didn’t think 2000 primers would be bad. firing pin strike seems very deep. Any issues with recals or bad CCI primers you know of? This is my neighbors rifle but he has LOTS of experience reloading. (Like 50 years worth) He said CCI BR primers bought in about...
  5. bmash

    Ever cut yourself doing primer picket uniform ing?

    Using an electric drill to uniform primer pockets. One caught on thetool and spun and my finger was pressed into the chamfered neck of the brass. Be careful!
  6. bmash

    Impact of varying jump distance

    I got my Tenacity 204 Ruger prairie dog rifle finished - XLR chassis, Huber trigger, and Muller works barrel. Doing load work ups I found the throats on 204s are pretty long. Almost no bullet in case to get to lands. Anyway, I thought I’d share my results from varying jump from 80 thousands to...
  7. bmash

    OAL for 60gr Vmax in a 223 AI bolt gun build?

    I am having a 223 AI bolt Action gun built and plan on 60gr vmax as heaviest bullet. I know for an AR you are limited to magazine length, but for a bolt action which will be chambered to my requested length, what should I go with? May not be able to give a number for an answer, but thoughts? I...
  8. bmash

    Is ATF at work??

    I have submitted my form 1140-0010 (Application to transport interstate) for my SBR twice now and no response. I’ll call next week but I normally get a response within a week. Anybody else having an issue here?
  9. bmash

    Should I use this brass?

    Posted last year that I had an oversized chamber. (Reamer drawing shows 0.3769"@0.20" from the head. Fired case measures 0.384"@0.25" from head, so about 0.007" over reamer! Sized case goes back to 0.374, so 0.010 expansion of brass. I have a replacement barrel so the questions are: should I...
  10. bmash

    Emergency room hunt?

    A friend took this last night. She sat in car since husband was in ER. Estes Park area. It had just killed a raccoon.
  11. bmash

    Pig hunt

    Went with my daughter in laws father last night. he doesn’t have NV stuff so we shared. He had my thermal and i used NV. Very dark so I lead him around by his shooting stick. He has been seeing a big boar for a couple of years and it approached him last week while calling turkey. We walked up to...
  12. bmash

    Area 419 sale on tenacity actions

    They have the pre integral recoil lug actions on sale. Several options were available - I bought one since my order from Defince is delayed due to CoVID 19. I always need more!!
  13. bmash

    New builds

    You guys are killing me! I am tired of stretching and cleaning AR brass (gets really worked and dirty with a suppressor) and very dirty AR bolts and barrels (again suppressor) when prairie dog hunting, so I decided to build a 204 and 223 bolt gun. I have lots of brass for both. i bought a model...
  14. bmash

    260 Rem 120gr ELD data with H4350

    Does anybody have 260 Remington data for a Hornady 120gr ELD Match bullet with H4350 powder? I searched and found a lot of data for 123 gr bullets (not the ELD). I currently use the 120gr Berger but would like to do a ladder test and have a better range to work with. I called hornady and Hodgdon...
  15. bmash

    Oversized chamber?

    I had an issue with sizing my 204 Ruger brass (actually shaved some metal off the case) so I sent the die and two fired cases to Forster. They called and said they polished the feed on the die but my brass was 6 thousands over size! They stated the rifle may not be safe like this. I plan to...
  16. bmash

    new member intro

    I am new to forum, but not to shooting. Mostly 600 yard Palma, but that got boring... just started PRS competitions. Love shooting shotguns, pistols, and rifles. Reload for all of it. Great forum - lots of good info.