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  1. dbltap45acp

    Remington 513T price

    I picked up a pretty damn clean Remington 513T a while back from a friend while doing some horse trading. It had the original Redfield peep rear and standard front post. It is the military marked version but it is a lot cleaner then most I’ve seen that are military marked. I am curious to what...
  2. dbltap45acp

    WTT/WTS Gen 1 Vortex 2.5x10x32 FFP MOA

    Getting back into long range and moving an optic that has just been sitting in the safe. This optic has been on my AR and may have 200-300 of use, otherwise it been in the safe all it’s life. I think I even still have the box. I would prefer to sell or trade this as a package, optic, QD Mount...
  3. dbltap45acp

    WTT STI 2011 9mm

    Looking to trade this damn near new STI 2011 for a precision rifle. I miss my GAPs and FN SPR A3G I used to have. I planned on using this for USPSA, IDPA and 3 gun but can’t seem to get off of night shift at work so I figured I would move it along. It will come with a 19 and a 21 round mag, a...
  4. dbltap45acp

    What are the top three optics?

    In the opinion of this forum, what would the top three be. Shmit & Bender Premier Heritage USO What order would you put them in as well. Thanks PS, answer honestly without worrying about stepping on someones toes, I am curious as to the thoughts on this.
  5. dbltap45acp

    Scope question ( Kind of a poll )

    I have a SN3 5x25 TPAL being built right now with all the bells and whistles. It will be going on top of my FN SPR A3G rifle. Now, my question to you guys is...... 1. Should I keep the USO scope and not shoot much till I can afford ammo. 2. Sell the scope and buy a Night Force for 1,500 and...
  6. dbltap45acp

    Match ammo ( 308 )

    I just picked up a nice FN SPR A3G, its getting a badger bolt mod done right now. I also have a US optics 5x25 T PAL being built as well with all the bells and whistles. I would like to have some ammo for it when it arrives. Any advice where I can find some BH, Hornady, or FGMM for a good price...