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  1. navynambu

    M40A1 Build - Circa 1975 to about 1980-82?

    I wanted to build an early Type 1 M40A1 with the look of the post-Vietnam but pre-Unertl time-frame when the Redfield Greenies carried over for a while. I'll eventually put an Unertl on this, but I wanted to take a couple of photos with the Greenie on it. I have an original M40 Redfield mount...
  2. navynambu


    Spec clone, smear, Quantico PWS built, :)
  3. navynambu

    Hey Doc, What's wrong the McConnell?

    Looks like he's decomposing yesterday at the news conference, pretty grizzly stuff, maybe brusing from IVs, WTF?
  4. navynambu

    Any Advice on Buying Still and Getting Permit for Making Ethanol for Farm Machinery Use Only?

    Thinking I'd get a very small electric one for starters, rather than a gas fired one, so I don't blow myself up. A friend's grandfather did that and burned himself to death when it blew up. But these are so many varied choices, I don't know what to buy. Any advice on doing this?
  5. navynambu

    Hope he's OK

    Geez, he looks terribly uncomfortable today:
  6. navynambu

    Unertl 10X USMC Sniper Scope Manual Adjustment Instructions

    I wasn't real happy with the my zeroing and adjustment of my CMP 10X Unertl on the M40A1 so I thought I'd actually run down the adjusting instructions from the USMC Sniper Manual (1981) version and read them. I cut and pasted the parts I wanted to print and save. They are pretty rudimentary but...
  7. navynambu

    Mars Attacks!

    I watched this again recently and it's still really funny even after 20 years. Highly recommended as an escape from these strange times. Jack Nicholson is a great. Congress gets vaporized... thus it even gives you hope for the future!!
  8. navynambu

    Emma Peel - Diana Rigg Passes: Goddamn was she beautiful and a 2d Amendment fan too!
  9. navynambu

    Iran Pirates UAE Tanker in Int'l Waters Today

    Apparently the Republican Guards don't like UAE today some some reason. I don't think this will stand: U.S. Central Command @CENTCOM Aug 12 Today in international waters, Iranian forces, including two ships and an Iranian "Sea King" helicopter, overtook and boarded a ship called the 'Wila.'...
  10. navynambu

    WTF just blew up in Lebanon??

    These videos just came in, maybe IDF scored a hit on something??; Look at the pressure wave on the water!
  11. navynambu

    The Impending Three Gorges Dam Collapse

    This is really interesting. The Three Gorges Dam in China, which was supposedly built to "last 10,000 years" is going to collapse, imminently. The Chinese press virtually is silent about it, predictably. The US Press is almost silent about it, asserting it's merely a "flooding problem." So our...
  12. navynambu

    OK, Who Gave the Koalas chlaymida? I want you Aussies to Step Up and Take Responsiblity for Your Behavior!
  13. navynambu

    Wow, this Guy Makes Us All Look Bad - Gun Toting No Masker at the TiKi Hut Frozen Yogurt Shop, Yuma AZ

    Dumass of the day: YUMA, Ariz. - A Yuma man was arrested for aggravated assault after pointing a handgun at a Tiki Hut Frozen Yogurt employee who told him he was required to wear a face mask to be served, deputies say. Deputies said 64-year-old Steven Covington entered the store on July 9...
  14. navynambu

    Interesting Hellfire Inert R9X "Flying Ginsu"

    Pics of Improved way to whack bad guys is a crowd with drone, an inert Hellfire which deploys large blades just prior to inpact. It doesn't even blow up the car. Thank goodnes we saved the fenders on this Hyundai...
  15. navynambu

    Kid's 1890's era Pocket Sniper Rifle

    I rarely post links to active sales, because I hate when people do that if its something I want, but I have never seen one of these, and thought you'd find it sort of interesting. This certainly would have been the st*t to shoot groundhogs all summer if you were 10 years old in the 1890's...
  16. navynambu

    Video on WWII Japanese Type 97 and Type 99 Sniper Rifle

    Pretty well done if you like Japanese 6.5 and 7.7 rifles, of the sniper variety, a few in inaccuracies, but pretty well done. These used to be cheap and you could find them for peanuts, then they jumped into 4 figures, and now they' re are maybe $3-4K for a nice one with the scope. But still a...
  17. navynambu

    WWII German Sniper Training Film - English Voiceover - I hour, Excellent

    Check this out, get a beer, very interesting!
  18. navynambu

    XM-3 Build Done

    I finally got the USMC XM-3 clone back from the builder who helped build the original 52 of them. This one has the titanium scope rail and barrel lug. I'm very pleased with his work. I esp. like how the bedding was dyed to match the stock color. If you are not familiar with the XM-3, here's a...
  19. navynambu

    Nice Article dated Jan 2013 Interviewing the 2112s at PWS in Quantico re M40A5 and Others They Were Building

    Here's a link to a six page article interviewing 2112s at USMC PWS in 2013. It's 6 pages and you have to clink on each page at the bottom or you won't see the whole article. Includes good photos of stuff they were then building or repairing. Says in part they had by 2011 built 580 M40A5s, out...
  20. navynambu

    What did I get here? 7mm w/ Ajack - Spanish K98?

    This was languishing ignored at the LGS for several months, no one seemed to know what it was for sure, and finally for $600 I couldn't resist it any longer, figured the scope might be worth that.... Gun looks minty and seems factory to me but I don't know. I looked for it online and it seems to...