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  1. Defuzer

    fox 42 coming anytime soon?

    @Massoud any update on Fox 42? seen a few reviews and one for sale on ar15 forums, just want to know if you guys are going to release soon?
  2. Defuzer

    Savage 16" .308 prefit 8 twist (bighorn, mausingfield, etc.)

    I have X-Caliber prefit barrel, approx. 120rds through it. bull barrel profile, savage small shank, .308win, 1:8 twist, 16inches, threaded 5/8-24 $250.00 PP F&F preferred. will post up pics over weekend.
  3. Defuzer

    .260 REM Case (200rd) Prime 130gr hpbt

    cleaning up in workshop found case of prime .260rem ammo. (I don't have a 260 anymore).. retails for 319. asking 250 shipped. PP preferred. will get some pics later today. Thanks
  4. Defuzer

    Fs. ARC M110 qd l 34 mm 30 Moa 1.5 high

    Description in title 210 shipped. Pp preferred.
  5. Defuzer

    Fs: Seekins low .92 rings 34mm

    80 shipped. Pp preferred.
  6. Defuzer

    FS: 6.5 Grendel 12 inch. Barrels (X2)

    Two new 12 inch Grendel barrels. Extras I have laying around Specs: Barrel profile: Medium-Light (see attached drawing below) Gas system: Carbine-length Gas-block diameter: 0.750" Muzzle threads: 5/8x24 Muzzle crown: 11-degree target crown Barrel steel: 4150 CMV Inside and outside...
  7. Defuzer

    PSA 6.5 Grendel 12” upper

    Complete upper nitride barrel with bcg. Adjustable gas block too Will include aa Grendel mag and box of ammo Net fired or even mated to lower. No time for new cal right now 275 shipped. Pp prefered
  8. Defuzer

    AICS question?? AX mag adapter

    anyone know if the AX mag adapters are compatible with AICS AX chassis.. pre 14 ?, current? looking at upcoming build for switch barrel set up. only chassis I have came across with adapters are Cadex and Eliseo that covers SA-LA mags. KRG offers insert for CIP - LA as well.
  9. Defuzer

    vendors that will mount QD and scope recommendations

    hey all, in the market for scope that will bounce on and off for day/night use w/ thermals for my wife. she basically wants a telescope on an AR platform, but needs to have QD capability to put thermals on as well. not sure what is out there nowadays as I haven't shopped for ages on this...
  10. Defuzer

    NV recommendations for beginner

    Howdy all, been off active duty 14yrs now so not sure what's what on nv whether thermal or whatever initially will be used on suppressed seekins sbr and moved to diff weaps later never see taking shot over few hundred meters needed for varmints and coyotes dog (labradoodle)...
  11. Defuzer

    My Plinkster Trainer

    Made this about two years ago. decided to see what I could do with the cheapest 22 in the store. lots of reading.. then picked up a Mossberg Plinkster 802. basic model. grabbed airsoft frame/kit off amazon, lots of dremeling, sanding, cursing later... here it is. the scope is 3-9X40 and along...
  12. Defuzer

    10/22 AI looking stock?

    I remember there was a wood stock someone was making that cloned the AI stock for a 10/22 but I can't find it anywhere on searches. any help would be appreciated....