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    WTB Lone Peak Razor Ti Long Action Right Hand Mag or 480 bolt face

    Looking for a Razor Ti as in the title. MUST BE LONG ACTION.
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    Mausingfield M7 rail

    Put together what was supposed to be a mid weight walking around do all rifle on my new M7 action. This new scope rail leaves me wanting the Uber expensive direct mount rings Ted has alluded to in the past. X-low M10’s still has the scope AR effing high. Anyone seen or know of anyone thinking...
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    Kahles k318i reticle cant

    Been screwing around mounting this scope for a week now. The reticle has a pretty significant cant, like 5 degrees. I thought my usual squaring technique was suspect so I’ve tried them all....plum bob, feeler gauges, bubble level on turrets and no matter what it’s noticeably canted 5 degrees...
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    Nucleus/non Nucleus Barloc/savage prefit

    I had enough unanswered questions about the Barloc setup I didn’t order one with my nucleus. The Nucleus specific BarLocs are backordered so I tried the run of the mill barrel nut Barloc for savage type setups without a recoil lug on my Nucleus. With a HawkHill savage prefit I didn’t have enough...