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    PSA: Don't let your bolt gun fall with the bolt open while cleaning it. **UPDATE: FIXED**

    Tikka is a rifle made to a price point with resultant tradeoffs. It happens to be one of the best of that breed, but is still an inexpensive, and inexpensively made, rifle. They are very smooth and accurate, but at $2500 you are getting into TRG territory. TRG looks similar, but is a different...
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    WTS: Reloading Supplies- .338 Lapua Brass, Lapua Bullets, Hornady dies

    I have not been ignoring you; just did not receive a PM.
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    What is my grandfathers mod 98 worth?

    He should probably pick up all he can at those prices. At worst, he could resell online and double his money. An average condition Russian Capture K98k on gunbroker looks more like $700. A mismatched bringback in decent shape will close in on $1000, with an all-matching rifle nearing $2000. I...
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    SOLD: Bushnell Legend T 15-45x60mm FDE spotter with mil reticle.

    Bushnell Legend T 15-45x60mm with mil reticle. Very good with minor marks on the exposed rails and bushnell badge (pictured). Lens cap has been tied down with green 550 cord. Lenses and function are flawless. I no longer have the nylon cover that came with it. EDIT: The reticle is "Mil-Hash"...
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    WTS: Badger Ordnance #1005-306-77: 1.49" 34mm rings

    For sale is a set of new, sealed in box, Badger Ordnance P/N 1005-306-77 rings, which are 1.49", 34mm, steel rings. $150 shipped CONUS Thanks
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    Mosin Nagant fail video

    Yes, it was. What rifle your infantry carries vis a vis your adversary really has not been a decisive factor in state-on-state conflict in more than 100 years.
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    What is my grandfathers mod 98 worth?

    As jphill mentioned above, perhaps $500 on gunbroker.... perhaps. You'd need a stock assembly, barrel band, and a forend cap to restore. Unless a true passion project, I'd leave it as is and keep it in the family. If you restored with original, mismatched K98k parts, it would probably be a...
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    Finally getting a Garand back into the safe

    Good to hear, also have an IHC on order from the US CMP! Are there similar 5rd capacity limits for the M1?
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    43 Remington 1903a4 M73b1

    Can we be friends? As a follow-on serious question, and not an ill-disguised offer: what is the value range on 1903A4s in similar condition (arsenal refinished or not)? Thanks
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    WTS: Reloading Supplies- .338 Lapua Brass, Lapua Bullets, Hornady dies

    That is how the heads got scratched on the CoAx. I primed a couple on it and it took effort getting them into the shell holder to decap them. The photo has been replaced with what they look like as of tonight.
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    AIWB guys, need your input

    Have tried a few holsters but still have a Fricke Archangel and RCS Eidolon. Appendix carry 95% of the time- it is a lot more comfortable and easier to conceal. Observations- -De-horning and rounded edges are nice to have -Wedge works, but cost (added bulk) and benefit (inward pressure)...
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    Best iPhone case/holder for somebody that is rough on phones?

    Lifeproof. Nuud is more livable, Fre is a bit better against water probably. Have not lost a phone in either in five years, and clean my phones in the sink with the dishes regularly.
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    Laptop recommendations

    Do you have apple stuff already? If so, mac is very convenient as you can leverage shared keychain, apps, airdrop, a lot of other efficiencies. Quality is also high. They are expensive, and you’ll want a bigger HDD (at least 256gb) if you want to use a windows OS in bootcamp. OS take up a lot...