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  1. dspjaggar

    5 X PRICE DROPS. WTT / WTS Nightforce 7-35 x56 ATACR F1 MOAR

    preferably looking for a trade, willing to trade straight up for a 5-25 tremor 3 illuminated. will sell for 2750 shipped, has some wear from not sitting in the safe and being used but glass is perfect and it tracks and returns to zero all day Wrapped the bell and body before I really started...
  2. dspjaggar

    custom floor plates?? anyone have them

    anyone ever had custom work done on a floor plate, working on a hunting build and am looking at getting a floor plate engraved, maybe an eagle globe an anchor or something else Marine Corps related. looking for some inspiration. going with a mix of classic and modern look for this looking at...
  3. dspjaggar

    SOLD: WTS diamondback tactical 4-16x44 EBR2c MRAD W/ rings

    as stated WTS diamondback tactical 4-16x44 EBR2c MRAD with vortex pro .90 low rings will ship in original box 350 shipped
  4. dspjaggar

    leupold mark5 hd 899

    came across a post on a facebook group a guy scored this. doesnt reflect online but if you are near a cabelas may be worth checking out if in the market
  5. dspjaggar

    FREE / .308 gauges, barrel vise, action wrench

    "social experiment" / see a need fill a need / be a good dude / WTF am i going to do with this stuff after i use it for 10 min So i did a remage rebarrel recently and i paid up for tools that i will likely only use once, or i when i have friends who want to rebarrel "not likely". I told myself...
  6. dspjaggar

    Finally got my R700 "VTR" to shoot well

    had this VTR since they originally came out so a long time, and it never shot. tried everything i could think of, i finally put a new barrel on it and Im super stoked to be done with the original. .308 26 inch 1:10 twist carbon six barrel carbon six brake jewel trigger floated and bedded...
  7. dspjaggar

    wt"B".. want to borrow / want to buy ?? .308 go no go gauges, action wrench.

    Family / Friends / fellow Veterans..... Im trying to see if anyone wants to help a dude out and let me borrow some go no go gauges and an action wrench that can index a recoil lug for a r700. i ordered a carbon six remage barrel 2 weeks ago and it should be here next weekish. i managed...
  8. dspjaggar

    29 palms / joshua tree / palm springs

    trying to see if there are any other shooters out here. Im out in 29 palms and have a spot i set up 500-1000 and can set up to a mile + but havent been able to get a good return with the LRF i have past 1k. i get out once or twice a month and shoot a 6.5 and got 2 guys that come out fairly...
  9. dspjaggar

    Sgtlmj is g2g

    Bout a Bushnell conx from sgtlmj. Fast to respond to messages. Conversation started, payment sent, and item shipped all in the same day. Got it in time for a hunt.
  10. dspjaggar

    Backspace gtg

    Bought a Swift Creek built 6.5 from backspace. Via cashier's check. Received the rifle without a hitch. Would do business with again.