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  1. moochy28

    Pawnshop find

    Well picked up this Daniel Defense DD5V4 6.5 creed w/ Sig Whiskey 5 scope,Atlas PSR ,new Pelican 1750 case, Magpul 50rd magazine with a spare 20rd mag. Rifle looks real good All for under 2k out the door. Hopefully its a good rifle, no experience with the Daniel Defense rifle I already switched...
  2. moochy28

    Benchmade Nimravus SBK 140

    Benchmade Nimravus SBK 140 $150 shipped or trade for Rem 700 custom trigger
  3. moochy28

    Benchmade Presidio 5000 Auto USMC-SPF

    Have a Benchmade Auto Presidio 5000 for sale or trade $SPF SPF
  4. moochy28

    WTB HS Precision Gen II DBM

    WTB HS Precision Rem 700 Gen II SA DBM .. Also need a Rem 700 trigger top safety no bolt release.
  5. moochy28

    WTB Bartlein 3b 6mm fluted

    Wanting to buy a Bartlein 3B 6mm fluted barrel 1-8tw.
  6. moochy28

    KMW Sentinel help

    I have a KMW Sentinel on order and the invoice says the barrel channel is heavy Palma. My question is what barrel sizes are you guys running in yours?? Will a Rock Creek M24 fit properly??
  7. moochy28

    Birthday present to myself

    My first AR build MAG upper and lower Geissele MK 1 handguard Teludyne Tech SJBS Magpul ACS Templar Tactical Arcangel Leupold MK4 3.5x10x44 BT47-LW17 PSR Atlas Bipod
  8. moochy28

    Trijicon RM05G

    Any Hide suppliers going to have this available soon?Trijicon RMR Reflex Red Dot Sight Dual-Illuminated 9 MOA Green Dot Matte Am going to be needing one or two of these..
  9. moochy28

    Palmetto State Armory

    This store is GREAT!! Just got myself some Federal 175gr GMM for $22.99 a box Also had Hornady 178 Amax
  10. moochy28

    Hogdon VARGET in stock

    Just saw that Cabelas has 8lb jugs of Varget. Kinda pricey at $199 a jug Also have IMR 4064 for $25 a lb...
  11. moochy28

    Sierra 175 GR HPBT MATCH 30 cal

    As of 9:00 am Cabelas has Sierra 175 GR HPBT MATCH 30 cal in stock online. I got myself 10 boxes..
  12. moochy28

    Optics at Cabelas

    Just got $2000.00 worth of gift cards for Cabelas. I see they have Night force Atacr and Vortex Razor HD, but I really wish they had the new Bushnell's with Gap reticle. Don't know what to do now..
  13. moochy28

    Heads up Magpul Pmag

    Just stopped by Jim's in Fayetteville and they have OD 30 rnd windowed Pmags for 17.99.. I only grabbed four..
  14. moochy28

    Replacement Baffles???

    I have a X brand 22 suppressor with threaded cap. Is there any Suppressor manufacture who offers replacement baffles hopefully better than what I have..
  15. moochy28

    Is this ok for new can

    Just got this from the manufacturer. And after taking out of box found a few issues. This is only my third can I have owned.. All baffles have metal filings like picture 5&6 The threads have rough spots on threads from top to bottom. Blast chamber is machined rough looks like a dull cutter was...
  16. moochy28

    SBR Help

    I am wanting to get a SBR built. Want to get a 300BO, but have some questions on where to begin. This will be my first SBR and want to know what to do to get started. Do I buy a lower and register it or buy a complete rifle? And as far as upper goes I can buy it, keep it in my safe and wait...
  17. moochy28

    Nebraska 4x4

    Well just got back home from a great hunt with family and friends. We saw this buck at 320yds and waited for him to clear some trees and shot him at 290yds with my 300 win mag. He was 25 1/8" wide and had 9 1/4" brow tines.
  18. moochy28

    243 build for my daughter

    Hey guys, I am having a new rifle built for my daughter. The barrel is fluted and she wants it coated black with pink flutes. Can you tell me who can help me out on this???
  19. moochy28

    Rem 700 SA Bolt????????

    Did not even notice this on my bolt looks as though it is cracked all the way around perfect..Has anybody else seen this before??What are my options??
  20. moochy28

    New Glock 34

    Went to the gun show on Knoxville, Tn today and finally got a deal on a Gen 3 Glock 34. Been wanting a new one for quite awhile. Now need to find a good kydex holster as I am thinking of dabbling in 3 gun shoots...