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    AICS AX Chassis Short Action

    Selling a very good condition AICS AX Chassis for a Remington 700 short action or clone. Stock was used on a 223 barreled action on a bench. $1200 OBO Shipped CONUS. TEXT ME DO NOT PM 818 39eight 73 zero one Verse
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    New Eotech XPS2 Green Reticle

    Brand new XPS2 GREEN RETICLE!!!!! perfect. Mounted never shot Going different direction. $525 OBO PayPal friends and family or you pay fees. Shipped CONUS. I paid over $600 for this optic. TEXT DO NOT PM!!! 818 three 98 730 one.
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    WTS Nightforce C464 1-4 FC 3G Like New

    Give yourself a present for sheltering in place.............
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    WTS Nightforce C464 1-4 FC 3G Like New

    Bump it don't deny yourself!!
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    WTS Nightforce C464 1-4 FC 3G Like New

    Bump reasonable offers considered
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    WTS Nightforce C464 1-4 FC 3G Like New

    I have a couple like new Nightforce C464 1-4 with FC 3G reticle which is the BDC reticle. It is ZERO STOP, NVD compatible, 30mm tube with power throw lever its MOA. Comes with box papers, covers, etc. JUST LIKE NEW!!!!! GLASS IS PERFECT as well. NO TIRE KICKERS or POST WHORES NEEDED. IF...
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    Delete pls

    I have a 6.5x47 to sell. Surgeon Repeater I'd do the barreled action if you want.
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    WTB Manners EH3 Long Action

    In need of Manners EH3 Defiance Deviant Long Action with Bottom Metal Cut Out. Inlet for Bartlein #3 contour. Text me 818 398 73 zero one. Thanks
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    AI Chasis For Sale

    AI Chasis for sale great condition all parts pieces and screws you see. $1450 shipped CONUS. USPS MO, Venmo or PP Friends and Family. TEXT ME ONLY 818 39eight 73 zero one.
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    6CM Bullets, Brass, Dies and Blocks.

    TEXT ME TEXT ME TEXT ME TEXT ME. DONT PM ME!!!!! I have the following for sale. 100 6mm Berger 125gr VLD Hunting. $40 shipped 150 pieces fired and or neck trimmed 6CM brass. $$75 shipped 2 Billet 6CM Loading Blocks $55 shipped Redding 6CM Competition Seating Die $125 shipped Redding 6CM FL...
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    WTS Nightforce 1-8x24 F1 C597 NIB

    NEW IN BOX SEAL UNBROKEN Nightforce ATACR C597 1-8x24 F1 .1 Mil Radian $2500 shipped CONUS USPS MO or PayPal you pay fees. Text 81eight 39eight 73zero one
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    Nightforce 5-25x56 ATACR FFP C545 for Sale

    I have a couple like new in perfect condition Nightforce C545’s for Sale 5-25x56 34mm Tube First Focal Plane MOA MOA MOAR RETICLE Box and papers like it would come new. Pictures available. $2425 Shipped CONUS OBO. USPS Money Order or PayPal friends and family or PayPal you pay fees...
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    Rifle Building Teacher?

    I remember reading a while back there was a guy you could go build your bolt gun with and he would teach you as it was being built. Anyone know who that was and or if he’s still doing it?
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    Bushing Die Question

    Not neck turning. If that is the case then what is the point of using a bushing die?
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    Bushing Die Question

    If I’m using a Redding Full Body Bushing Die wouldn’t the sizing button on the decapping rod undo the sizing of the neck the bushing did on the down stroke.