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  1. armorpl8chikn


    Over 700 6mm bullets. 500+ 90gr FMJ 200+ 80gr FMJ. $75 + $9 flat rate usps I may have to break a box to get in one priority package. ***Sold pending fundage*** Payment by US postal money order only.
  2. armorpl8chikn

    Another sensless Covid death Or was it....Darwin kill of the week?
  3. armorpl8chikn

    Electric fences

    So I bought a 5 mile battery powered solar buzz box to fence about a three quarter acre. Is one ground rod at the box enough or do I need a couple or 3 spaced out? Just keeping the dog in. She already has a healthy respect for the neighbors fence, she knows what it is and won't get within 5 feet...
  4. armorpl8chikn

    Oh, the horror!!!

    Russia is now producing the most feared weapon on the planet! In 7.62 caliber clip rounds thingy stuff...powerful....deadly...scary.
  5. armorpl8chikn

    Circle of Life or Wild Kingdom Kitchen

    So had a mouse visiting the kitchen, not the first, won't be the last. Had daughter set trap. Didn't see trap this morning, assumed mouse caught, trap pulled, mission accomplished. Never assume a child who won't take care of the cat, or his litter box, has done such due diligence. I'm sitting...
  6. armorpl8chikn

    Adventures in LA

    In an effort to break the depressing monotony of the political mess, I thought I would temporarily suspend OPSEC for a bit. Plus @Threadcutter308 was concerned that I was rumored to be attending the funeral of some scumbag politician. I loaded up my gear, my 85 year old mother and the red bitch...
  7. armorpl8chikn

    Did I thwart a robbery?

    Guy at work says, "Well...looks like you are a hero." {Eyeroll} Yeah yeah yeah, cute, pithy. So I pop into my energy drink stop on the way to work. In the door, scan store, meet eyes with hoodie dude and.....the other guy...gotta be PC here. Go to back cooler, grab drinks, back to front less...
  8. armorpl8chikn

    Found it!!!

    Why impeachment? Why now? Anything to keep this shit out of the news.
  9. armorpl8chikn

    Barr must not have better things....

    To do. Guess he has all that treason shit wrapped up in a bow. Why the fuck is the DOJ sending gun control ideas to our fucking representatives?
  10. armorpl8chikn

    ATV pull brush cutter

    Is the DR brand really the cats ass? What's wrong with a Swisher besides Kawa. motor and 2hp deficit to the DR? Reviews look good on both. The DR is mo money. Do you or someone you know have one of these critters? What's the poop? I am secretly trying to clear some land without my wife...
  11. armorpl8chikn

    Bourbon insurance wire? Insurance wire short? Manipulating market? Or horrible tragedy? Not the first distillery tragedy in the last year.
  12. armorpl8chikn

    Why I can't wait to move to Alabama

    Gee whiz. I know this is social media. I know this is the Bear Pit, where things can get rough. This will be a lot like pulling my pants down. Be as rough as you like. So I got a notice from the courthouse a few weeks ago. My lawyer got it as well. I knew he was working on it. Seemed to be a...
  13. armorpl8chikn

    The Chikn went down the road

    Back from the Keys. Note to self: April is ok early, March is better, stay the fuck out of the Keys in May. hot. Caught enough snapper off the back porch for a decent mess. Hung a decent barracuda but he cut me off, couldn't get a bite with the lightest wire I had. Caught a pretty...
  14. armorpl8chikn


    The "miracle switch". Does anyone know anything about it? I don't believe in magic pills, but I do believe in science. They've proven that certain diabetus meds turn on AMPK production. I have a very ferked up metabolism and have had for years. Got some friends here that can vouch for how...
  15. armorpl8chikn

    NFA and Bonnie and Clyde

    We see a lot of knee jerk actions on assault weapons. I never hear much talk of the benchmark of our firearms laws being dissected in the manner we dissect current encroachments. It's possible I am not listening to be sure. I've always viewed NFA items as unattainable by yours truly. I...
  16. armorpl8chikn

    Ode to Bill Haast(snake dude)

    "Do you see his pants leg Mike?" I know what my pants leg would have looked like.
  17. armorpl8chikn

    Great deal on Weaver

    I know I ain't the sharpest pencil in the crayon box but..... What am I missing here?
  18. armorpl8chikn

    Back home

    Popped in first time in years and found my old room cleaned and swept. Good to be back. Some of you know me and some of you dont, but I'm back after a long break.
  19. armorpl8chikn

    64 MPR makeover

    WenigGewehr is finished: All inletting, bedding and coating by Apache Machine and Custom. McMillan magnum rimfire varmint in woodland pattern. KG Gunkote flat black. DIP 25moa rail. Leupold MK6 3-18 in MK4 rings. Yes it will focus parallax free at 50yds...maybe closer but have no need for...
  20. armorpl8chikn

    22 ammo bitch to end them all

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