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    Item has been given away: Tac-Ops Drag Bag, Small Ranger Green (This has been claimed)

    Things happened. I'm giving away a a small Tac-Ops drag bag in ranger green. This one is different than others, but I can't elaborate why. This bag is free. Shipping is free. Only has been used twice. The bag is clean. Rules are USA only Your posting history shows that you are decent enough...
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    How are Knight's Armament Suppressors for precision?

    With Initiative 1639 coming into effect in Washington state I decided to get off my butt and buy the Knight’s SR25 APC I’ve been wanting for years. I want to suppress the rifle. I know that Knight’s suppressors have a reputation for being tough with a reliable quick detach, but I can’t seem to...
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    FS: Knight's 2 Stage Match Trigger *Sold*

    Selling a lightly used Knight's 2 Stage Match Trigger. This is the older adjustable trigger. Used for 90 rounds. Selling because it is too complex for what I want to use it for. The 4.5# and 3.5# dis connector are included. Shipped for $200 180 $165 via PayPal. *Sold*
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    FS Colt CS Stock

    Selling a Colt CS Stock. Bought this years ago and it's sat in a closet ever since. It is definitely used. Feel free to message and ask any questions. The Cost CS Stock is a A1 length stock, but made with A2 materials. Asking $200 $150 shipped via Paypal.
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    FS: Knights Micro BUIS Set Geissele MK16(Sold), Hodge Al-Li Upper(Sold)

    I keep accumulating parts for things I'm not using. I may be putting up other various things as well. I would like to receive payment via paypal. I ask one day to buy packaging, and another to ship items out. Feel free to comment or ask questions. I work quite a bit so I may not be able to...
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    Is titanium suitable for an AR15 SBR?

    This is another what suppressor to get thread, and I’ve read a lot of these threads, but most people are looking for a suppressor their bolt rifle. I’m waiting for the tax stamp for a Daniel Defense 11.5” SBR (5.56), and I was looking to suppress it with a titanium suppressor first and then use...
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    Has anyone had issues with Hammerhead Rifle Tool?

    I was wondering if anyone has had issues with their Hammerhead tool. The A2 socket is too small on mine, and it won't fit on any receiver extension. I've e-mailed the company, and they refuse to fix the tool. They also stopped responding to my communications. Does anyone know the best way to...
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    Want to get a 40x

    Recently I’ve gotten bored with my Larue OBR. 308 ammunition is more expensive than ever, and the only ranges I am able to go to are limited to 100 yards. I really want to get out more and shoot, and I think 22lr is the way to go. This time I want to get something classic, and keep forever...
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    MSA Sordin Cotton Covers

    I recently got a pair of MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X hearing protectors. I also got the gel ear cups and a pair of cotton covers. Does anyone know if you are supposed to keep the foam liner underneath the ear cup when using the cotton covers? I can’t get them on unless I take the foam liner out.
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    308 AR Ejection Port Wear

    I have a question to people with a bigger bore AR. Do you notice any wear around your ejection port after shooting? My old LMT 16” MWS beat the area near the brass deflector so much there was gap even with dust cover snapped in place. My current 16” Larue OBR is now doing the same the same...
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    Largest objective scope for 308 AR

    I’m a new shooter looking for a scope to put on my rifle, and was wondering what is the largest objective you can reasonably put on a monolithic 308 AR? I would prefer to keep using a carbine stock if possible. Things I am looking for in a scope. I currently shoot at 100 yards with irons, but...
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    Range etiquette and barrel length

    I was recently at my local range, and I had a couple people ask me what caliber I was shooting, and when I replied .308 they commented about the blast. They didn’t complain to me, or say to stop shooting, but I felt pretty self-conscious after that. I own a LMT MWS 308 with a 16” barrel with...