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  1. Alamo308

    Reticle MOA sizes?

    Anyone know the MOA sizes (widths) of the reticles in the Nikon Monarch 2.5-10x42mm and/or Vortex Crossfire 8-32x50 AO scopes?
  2. Alamo308

    Weaver T-Series 24x40?

    New scope arrived. Checking functionality (dismounted). Can't unlock the elevation/windage knobs. What step am I missing?
  3. Alamo308

    WInchester 70 receiver-mounting scope

    I'm new to center-fire scope work, but my Winchester 70 receiver is drilled/tapped with two .860 c-to-c mounting locations. I thought it would be pretty straight-forward to install scope bases; however, it appears the receiver front mount location is approximately .14" higher than the receiver...
  4. Alamo308

    Scope Recommendations: 1000-yd Target Competition

    Winchester-action custom Palma rifle, .308 handloads, 29-inch bull barrel. Shooting at 800, 900, and 1000 yards; aiming black is 44 inches across. Right now the gun has PNW rear aperture sight, Tompkins spirit-level front aperture sight, both apertures have Gehmann variable-iris. But my 64-year...
  5. Alamo308

    Front Iris Aperture Sight

    I recently installed this front sight on my Palma rifle: However, with the sight screwed on totally snug, the horizontal bar aligns <span style="font-style: italic">vertically</span>. Is there a trick to get...