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  1. holden

    WTT/S NIB LMT 6.5 CM SS 20” Barrel - Pappy/TL3/W3 gen 6

    Unobtanium NIB LMT 6.5 CM 20” SS Barrel. $1050 Text is fastest 210- three 24 - eighty 2 eight 3 Partial Trades: Pappy Van Winkle 10/15 year. Other trades: BH TL3 or possibly Whiskey 3 Gen 3 for Rem 700.
  2. holden

    JP Modularity Question

    I’ve had a few factory AR10s, including MWS (still have one) and a JP LRP. Having had only factory AR10s, I’ve never really delved into the lego aspect of the platform. Is there a quick primer on the major varieties and how they piece together (or not)? Along those lines, thinking of...
  3. holden

    WTB S&W 625 VComp 45 ACP

    Might be a longshot: Looking for a lead on a 625 VComp 45 ACP.
  4. holden

    GONE - NEW Tikka Tac A1 Chassis

    I have a NIB Tikka Tac A1 6.5 Creedmoor. I want to sell just the chassis, I'll remove and ship once sold. Chassis Only. pp ff..
  5. holden

    WTT - S&W 986 Performance Center 9mm for S&W 325 Thunder Ranch - TX

    Prefer FTF in Texas. Mine Excellent Condition w/ moon clips. No box. May buy outright if right deal.
  6. holden

    SOLD - LMT SOPMOD Gen 2 Stock - Black - SOLD

    Excellent condition. Off MWS. SOLD shipped pp ff. text is fastest 210-324- eighty 2 eighty 3
  7. holden

    SOLD LMT Tactical F&R Set Sights SOLD

    Excellent condition. Asking $190 shipped pp ff Text is 210-324-eighty 2 eighty 3 for questions.
  8. holden

    WTB Spuhr 4602

    Looking for 34mm 20 MOA 1.5” Spuhr. Pp ff ok.
  9. holden

    Cantilevered Mount on a Bolt Gun w/ Chassis w/ Enclosed Foreend?

    Good day! I ordered a Bobro QD mount for a Tac A1; it's cantilevered. Admittedly, I know Bobro from the AR world and love their products; I figured why mess with what works and what you know. In researching a little further, I've seen it mentioned that one should not run a cantilevered mount...
  10. holden

    SOLD - Vortex PMR 34mm Low .92" Rings

    PMR-34-92 $85 shipped. PP FF only. 210-324-eighty2eighty3 for fastest response.
  11. holden

    ASR Omega Threaded Brake

    As new; put on new rifle, taken off; never fired. Includes washer and has NO box. $70 shipped. Paypal ff only. 210-324-8283 5/8 threads
  12. holden

    Can Keep Only One: Both SB PMII P4F MRAD Illum: 4-16x50 ST/CW or 5-25x56 CCW DT/MTC

    I bought both, thinking of selling one. Max distance 1000 yards. Dual rig: hunting and LR. Which would you keep?
  13. holden

    WTS KRG Whiskey 3 Gen 6 Rem700 RH FDEn- SOLD

    Unfired W3 Gen 6 in FDE iw/ action screws and accessories. factory box . $800 210-three 24-eight 2eighty 3 for more info if needed.
  14. holden

    KDG Sidelok 30mm Mount

    Follow Up - Finally got my hands on one. Solid built piece. Has some adjustability in setting ring width which came in handy when mounting my USO SR6. The cam feature is incredibly nice and locks up nice on rail and seems to be non-marring. Company claims RTZ if placed at same place on rail...