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  1. shotdown

    (SOLD) WTS/WTT: Redding .270 TiN bushing

    Looking to sell or trade a used Redding .270 Tin bushing. Will sell for $20 shipped via USPS first class mail, or trade for a .264 or .265 TiN bushing. Will accept PayPal FF (or add 3.5%) or USPS MO. Please send PM and post I’ll take it here.
  2. shotdown

    SOLD: Accurate 5-Rd Mag (.308)

    Looking to sell a new Accurate 5-rd mag (.308) without binder plate. Was locked in place on a new stock without a barreled action, so it has slight marks on the front and back of mag. Never used though. Asking $55 shipped in the U.S. only. Will accept discreet PayPal (FF or add 3.5%).
  3. shotdown

    (SPF) WTS: Huber 2-Stage Trigger (Rem 700)

    (SPF) Looking to sell a used Huber 2-Stage trigger for a Rem 700. It is a right handed version set at 1.5 lbs. Asking $165 shipped via USPS Priority Mail in the U.S. only. Will accept PayPal (gift or add 3.5%) or USPS MO.
  4. shotdown

    WTS: Accurate .308 5rd mag

    Selling a new 5rd Accurate .308 mag. Asking $55 shipped in the U.S. via USPS. Will accept PayPal (gift or add 3.5%) or USPS MO.
  5. shotdown

    (SOLD) WTS: TriggerTech Diamond Flat

    (SOLD) Wanting to sell a lightly used TriggerTech Diamond. Used less than 200 rds. Asking $240 shipped via USPS Priority flat rate in the U.S. Will accept PayPal (F&F), Apple Pay, Venmo, or USPS MO only. Not looking for trades. Thanks.
  6. shotdown

    WTS: 3 Hawk Hill Dasher barrels

    Wanting to Sell: (3) Hawk Hill Dasher barrels spun up by Joe Walls for the Vector action. 1:8 Heavy Palma 5/8x24 threaded muzzle. Black cerakote 26.5in 2 barrels have 166 rounds down them. No need for "breaking in" 1 is unfired. $2100 shipped via PayPal (F&F only) or FTF in Pigg River...
  7. shotdown

    Nosler 105 gr Custom Comp bullets

    I'm looking to sell 1,000 Nosler 105 gr Custom Competition bullets. Asking $200 shipped via USPS Priority (Medium) Flat Rate box. Will accept USPS MO, or discreet PayPal (gift or add 3.5%)...
  8. shotdown

    October 2014 Precision Rifle Match Results:

    Thanks to everyone that came out and also helped with setup and spotting. Next match will be a Nellis AFB on 1 Nov. More details soon. Congrats to Dane for the win. Results: 1) Dane : 42 pts 2) Jorge: 34 pts 3) Tyler F: 29 pts 4) Dale: 28 pts 5) Jeremy: 27 pts 6) Simon: 25 pts 7)...
  9. shotdown

    October 2014 Las Vegas Precision Rifle Match

    When: 4 October 2014 starting at 7:30 AM for sign in, first rounds down range at 8:00 AM. Where: Nellis CATM range located off of Range Road and the 215 (map below). It's not on base so you do not need an escort. Just meet at the range. Needed: 80 rounds, shooting mat, sunscreen, plenty of...
  10. shotdown

    Las Vegas September Precision Rifle Match Results

    September Precision Rifle Match Results: Thanks to everyone that came out and also helped out. We will be posting the info for the next match soon. Congrats to Mike N. for the win. Results: 1) Mike: 62 pts 2) Jorge: 54 pts 3) Dale: 54 pts 4) Ty: 50 pts 5) Dane: 48 pts 6) Mark...
  11. shotdown

    Where to buy a Premier Heritage Throw Lever (Cat Tail)?

    I'm searching for a metal throw lever/cat tail for a Premier Heritage 5-25 scope. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  12. shotdown

    Berger Bullets Reloading Manual (1st Ed) Opinions

    I got a copy of this book recently and I thought it was okay. It does contain some great info but I thought it could have contained some better sections (some even could have been kept out). For example, it does have a 10 page basic reloading section but coming from Berger, I expected it to be...
  13. shotdown

    Nordic Components Coupon Code

    Does anyone have a Nordic Components Coupon Code I can use or do they offer a SH discount?
  14. shotdown

    Anyone running a Vortex Razor 1-6x24 on a Bobro mount?

    I just purchased a Vortex Razor HD Gen2 1-6x24 and I'm looking at picking up a Bobro mount. However, I'm not sure which one to pick up...the standard, slightly extended or extended? Which one is everyone using, how do you like it so far and why? I'm planning on adding a "switchview" lever...
  15. shotdown

    BC for Hornady 140gr AMAX (.264)

    Can someone tell me the correct BC for Hornady 140gr AMAX (.264) please? The Hornady website says it's .585. My Ballistic Cal says .580 but I could of swore it was .550. Anyway, is .585 the correct BC? I tried searching but when I click on the link it takes me back to the main forum page.
  16. shotdown

    Suppressed .308 load with 175 gr SMKs

    I just wanted to ask what load people are using suppressed with 175 gr SMKs on a 20" barrel using Varget? I've searched but only found non-SMK loads. No looking to keep it subsonic just work on grouping.
  17. shotdown

    Frustrated with Leica

    First off, I want to start by thanking AHB (Leica Rep on this site) for contacting me ASAP. However, I'm frustrated because I have a near new Leica Rangemaster 1200 CRF that is no longer ranging but still see the display. So I asked about a repair and was told that they are no longer repairing...
  18. shotdown

    Looking for Leica 1200 owner manual and repair....

    Does anyone have a Leica Rangemaster 1200 (CRF model) Owner's Manual they can email me? Also, need to send it in for repairs because it's not ranging at all. Has anyone had to send their 1200 in for repairs? How was their customer service? What was the cost?
  19. shotdown

    Forster FLS & Ultra Micrometer Seater Dies

    What can you guys tell me about the "Forster Full Length Sizing & Ultra™ Micrometer Seater Dies" (#U04502)? Are they really good dies? I'll be reloading 175gr SMKs for my .308 SPS Tactical. Also, yes I'm a newb to reloading. This die set
  20. shotdown

    Gemtech Quicksand on Remington 700 SPS Tactical?

    Anyone running this type of setup? Are you getting major POI shifts with a quick detach suppressor?