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  1. hereinaz

    6mm ARC AICS mags?!

    Will one work if you bend feed lips? The case is bigger, but length should be right. Try opening up MDT .224 Valkyrie mags? They are gonna be closest.
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    Very cool.
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    ARC doesn't have the typical fanbois that talk about how smooth and pretty and popular their action is. The vast majority of people who run ARC actions are extremely practical. They know that the bolt isn't "as smooth as silk" and "is sloppy" because when conditions get ugly, the ARC actions are...
  4. hereinaz

    Hunting Tripod

    You have convinced me. I will get the Henderson and try it. There is no downside... I bet I find a use for it. It appears most people don't know how to shoot off a tripod... the Gunwerks video is a poor example of shooting off a tripod, IMO. I can think of better at least one better position...
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    Help with round not going off....Bighorn SR3 & prefit barrel 224 Valkyrie

    That case will have a case head separation very soon, is my guess. Nail it to a board with a big "Thanks, God" as a reminder...
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    Help with round not going off....Bighorn SR3 & prefit barrel 224 Valkyrie

    Thanks, yes, remove ejector. Edited post
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    I didn't notice any major difference other than the lever action from Gen 1 to Archimedes that would make me choose One or the other. I basically love my Nuke, that I didn't need to change. I think I would go Arch for a long action magnum just because...
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    2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    Bushell XRS II for 1000 bucks at Midway...
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    Gen 1 Nukes are not tooless, but it is easy enough with a little screw. He went to tooless bolts in later gens. The Archimedes with its lever for bolt handle makes for a more complicated bolt assembly.
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    Its the exact same extractor bit. The Archimedes uses a LEVER for primary extraction. All the other bolt actions use a cam. The lever is amazing. As in the bolt handle is a literal lever. When you turn the bolt handle there is zero 0% cam on the Archimedes. Only cocking. When you pull the...
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    I would buy an Archimedes with a Lapua bolt face right now!
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    Help with round not going off....Bighorn SR3 & prefit barrel 224 Valkyrie

    You MUST slip the gauge under the extractor rim. You basically headspaced off the front of the extractor, which is well in front of the bolt face. The one you set off was a miracle it went off and a miracle you didn't get a face full of brass. It probably slipped under the extractor when it...
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    Help with round not going off....Bighorn SR3 & prefit barrel 224 Valkyrie

    When you say "could not extract" was that because the bolt extractor would not grab the rim and it cycled like it was empty? Sounds like headspace is off, chamber is off or maybe you have the wrong bolt face?
  14. hereinaz

    Shortest barrel for 7mm Rem Mag??????

    At least go with a short action magnum. My 7 ss uses 6 grains less powder for the same velocity as my 7 rem mag. I would go as short as 22" but no less with a magnum. Go 6.5 if you want shorter barrel, imo.
  15. hereinaz

    Shorty rifle build-help picking a caliber

    Go 6.5 creed and run the 130s. Velocity is gonna be better measurement than energy. I'd rather hit a critter with velocity in a match bullet than "energy" in a traditional bullet. When a Berger dumps its complete energy, its a giant mess of lung soup. Inside 500, both are gonna pound steel.
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    2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    They are awesome. Paul is a great guy.
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    Picking my first bolt action rifle

    At 2500 I would buy the ARC gun.
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    Experience with Nikon black 4K range finders

    It ranges 4000 yards on freeway street aigns. It didn't give you the angle, so I sold mine.
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    is $2,000 a good budget for a bolt gun?

    For $2000 do one of the semi custom guns like Badrock...
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    Sanity Check on build/soliciting feed back on a couple of discreet points

    Put an MK5 3.6-18 on it, IMO. A 20" Proof in 6.5 cm is awesome. Buddy has one that is quick pointing. Unless you are going to be going in and out car doors, you don't need an 18". The AG composite adjustable stock is fantastic.