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  1. Iamero

    SOLD Price drop WTS RWS built Model 70 in 280Rem

    Don’t do it. Don’t do it to me.
  2. Iamero

    WTB WFT or tri way for 6mm and 6.5 creed

    Need a couple tri way cutters of some sorts for 6 and 6.5 creed. Open to one for 338 Norma as well if anyone has one of those. Let me know what you’ve got.
  3. Iamero

    Glock 17 17rd and Glock 19 15rd magazines

    I’ll take 4 of the 19 mags.
  4. Iamero

    Bushnell DMR 3.5-21 G2DMR reticle

    I have a Gen 1 G2DMR reticle Bushnell 3.5-21 that I’m looking to let go since I don’t have a use for it anymore. It’s in good shape and everything functions as it should but I don’t think I have the box or sunshade for it. I have a set of butler creek caps on it I just bought that I’ll include...
  5. Iamero

    Gun racks in your Jeep or other vehicle?

    Just got my wife a 2015 wrangler but I’m also going to use it as my range vehicle and wondered what people were using for gun racks in their Wrangler, trucks, or other SUVs. I’m sure state to state is different on how transportation of firearms works...
  6. Iamero


    I’ve got a factory one. $35 if you want it.
  7. Iamero

    WTB Trigger tech gold diamond

    Wait wait wait. A diamond and $100? Shoot me a PM if that’s a serious offer, I may have hoarded these lol
  8. Iamero


    I read the $350 right off the bat and just about shat myself lol
  9. Iamero

    WTS- 6.5 PRC Custom Tubor Action and Spinners Barrel - SOLD !

    I’d dare argue he’s worse than me.
  10. Iamero

    WTS- 6.5 PRC Custom Tubor Action and Spinners Barrel - SOLD !

    She’s a match winner, treat her well 😍
  11. Iamero

    The Rest Of The Collection - New ammo deal with the 6.5 creeds!

    Up top. Black Friday deal can be $100 off the first rifle that sells (pistols not included)
  12. Iamero

    338 Norma Ammo

    Shoot me a PM. Might be interested in taking all your Norma stuff off your hands
  13. Iamero

    Blackhills 338 Norma Ammo - 1 case

    I’ll take this.
  14. Iamero

    Long ranger hunter hybrid rifle in the WOOX!

    Just picked her up and put it together today. She’s absolutely stunning and as soon as I get my trigger back from Timney (I messed up the safety 🙄), I’ll have that back in there. Built by Chad at 5x5 Precision: - Tuebor Legion SS DLC coated in 338...