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  1. TMR137

    WTS:Knight’s MWS bipod mount

    Knights Armament MWS Bipod mount. Has some paint on it but works perfectly. $25 shipped conus
  2. TMR137

    WTB: 178gr 30 cal ELD-X bullets

    Hey guys, I am looking for 100 or so of these. (Hornady part number 3074) I want to try them in my hunting rig this year but everyone is sold out. If you have a box you’re willing to part with please let me know. thanks
  3. TMR137

    SOLD: Steiner T5Xi 3-15

    Hello, I a looking to sell or trade my T5Xi 3-15. It is model 5112, mil, illuminated SCR reticle. I love this scope and have two on different rifles but I am looking for a little bit more magnification for my Desert Tech. Scope is in great condition has been mounted in either a Badger or NF...
  4. TMR137

    WTB: DTA A1/2 Covert barrel

    Hey guys, looking for an 18” 6.5 creedmoor Barrel. Would prefer threaded in 5/8x24. Figured I would check here before I order a custom one. Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with.
  5. TMR137

    SPF: Harris Bipods

    Consolidating equipment and not using these any more. Both have a few coats of spray paint on them but they function flawlessly. #1: Harris S-BRM with A.R.M.S. #32 throw lever mount $160 $150 OBO shipped CONUS #2: Harris S-BRM with Knight‘s Armament MWS adaptor and unknown brand pod lock $120...
  6. TMR137

    Sold: Sure M952V

    This light is lightly used with a little carbon on the bezel. lens Is perfect. Comes with the M93 pic rail QD mount and I’ll toss in a brand new DS07 tape switch. This is a perfect CQB light if you are needing NV capabilities. It is White light LED and IR. I use one on two of my personal rifles...
  7. TMR137

    Sold: G19 mags

    Hello, I have three, gen 4, G19 magazines sitting around that I’m not using. They all have Shield Arms +5 extensions and springs. All mags have less than 200 rounds through them. I will include the factory springs and base plates if buyer wants them. asking $100 shipped conus or trade for 4, gen...
  8. TMR137

    WTT/WTS: Could Defensive LCS Surefire

    Like new, MLok, LCS Surefire in flat dark earth. Put this on a rail to mount tape switch at 10:30 position but decided I like the 12 o’clock better. Was on the rifle for a single range day. Will trade for a pic rail version (any color) or sell for $45 shipped conus.
  9. TMR137

    Sold: Surefire SR07

    I have a used and painted, but 100% working condition, Surefire SR07 tape switch and Surefire UE, tan, tail cap that fits all Scout lights. $35 shipped conus. Thanks
  10. TMR137

    Sold: Surefire M952v

    Like new M952V. Took it out of the package and it’s been sitting ever since. Was going to use on a SBR build but that ended up not happening. These lights are 150 Lumen LED with 120mW IR Illuminator. They are a fantastic CQB weapon light. I have three of them on other rifles. $165 shipped conus...
  11. TMR137

    Sold: Malkoff E1

    I have a brand new, never used Malkoff E1. 320 lumen LED head conversion for M300 and E series Surefire lights. This is for a single CR123 light only. I was going to use it on a m300 but decided to go with a NV light instead. $65 shipped conus.
  12. TMR137

    SOLD: gen 4 Glock 19 w/RMR

    Looking to sell my Glock 19 gen 4. Mods are as follows: stippling and undercut done by MCM firearms Overwatch Precision Military Green trigger and trigger bar Taran Tactical Grand Master kit slide is a factory Glock slide that was milled and cerecoated by Maple Leaf out of Texas Victory First...
  13. TMR137

    SOLD: Aimpoint H1

    I have a 2 moa, H1 with American Defense mount (lower third) and Tango Down cover that I’m looking to trade for a Post 2018 Eotech EXPS. Looking for either a 2-0 or 3-0. Mine has been painted with some Aervoe with the cover installed so most of the Aimpoint Body is still perfect. Glass is...
  14. TMR137

    Keeping for now.

    Selling this for a buddy; Warsport 14.5” upper with pinned SilencerCo Flash Hider, American Defense MLok handguard. Heavy profile match barrel, mid length gas system. 5.56 NATO. Less than 250 rounds through it. Has been painted with Aervoe. trades would be 10.3” - 11.5” upper BCG, charging...
  15. TMR137

    Sold: Surefire M300

    Upgraded all my lights to NV versions. This is an older model M300 with KX1A head. LED, 110 lumen model if I recall correctly. Has a few coats of Aervoe paint but lens was properly taped off before painting. Comes with click tail cap, Gear Sector offset pic rail mount and factory thumb screw...
  16. TMR137

    Keeping it. Thanks

  17. TMR137

    keeping it for now.

  18. TMR137

    LVPO question

    Need a little advise here guys. I have been researching LVPO’s for some time and have decided that I want to give one a try. I have decades behind red dots and magnifiers on carbines; but I think the pros of a LPVO are worth making the switch. I am wanting to get one for an 11.5” sbr and here is...
  19. TMR137

    WTB: SF X300u

    Looking for a x300u. Would prefer the A model but B would probably work too. Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with. Thanks
  20. TMR137

    Sold: American Defense RMR mount

    I have a like new absolute co-witness, American Defense Manufacturing, RMR mount for sale. I ran it on a PCC for a little bit but I’m changing up my set up. $60 shipped or trade towards X300U, or G17 magazines.