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  1. Iamero

    WTB WFT or tri way for 6mm and 6.5 creed

    Need a couple tri way cutters of some sorts for 6 and 6.5 creed. Open to one for 338 Norma as well if anyone has one of those. Let me know what you’ve got.
  2. Iamero

    Bushnell DMR 3.5-21 G2DMR reticle

    I have a Gen 1 G2DMR reticle Bushnell 3.5-21 that I’m looking to let go since I don’t have a use for it anymore. It’s in good shape and everything functions as it should but I don’t think I have the box or sunshade for it. I have a set of butler creek caps on it I just bought that I’ll include...
  3. Iamero

    WTB SK Magazine 22LR ammo

    Looking to get a brick or two of this. Hoping not to pay inflated prices but none of my dealers have this in stock currently and my 10/22 eats this stuff so well with amazing accuracy. I can pay it forward or we can work something out if you have a brick. Let me know!
  4. Iamero

    Manners T6A R700 SA

    Fresh cerakote from branden at CGG in FDE. Old style seekins bottom metal with the push button release (I love this). Originally inlet for a heavy Palma but I sanded it out to fit a MTU so it’ll fit M24/AMU, M40/MTU, heavy varmint, heavy Palma, proof sendero, etc. The guy I got it from said...
  5. Iamero

    WTT TT Diamond Single Stage For Two Stage

    Might as well throw this up here in case someone wanted to go back to single stage. I have two single stage flats that I want to trade for diamond two stages. I prefer flat but open to either. I can a little cash in the deal to make it worth your time.
  6. Iamero

    An update on the fundraiser sale I was having.

    Hey Hide, got the last couple items I’ll be posting tomorrow to try and finish off the race. If I could sell one of those guns I have posted that would be HUGE! Guys, it’s because of strangers like you who don’t even know me and definitely don’t know my buddy’s dad, but still went above and...
  7. Iamero

    Anyone have factory R700 action screws?

    Apparently that's what the Magpul hunter stock uses and the only ones I could find at my local hardware store have too wide of a head to nestle down in the bottom metal groove. Anyone have any they want to sell me before I hunt down a pair online somewhere?
  8. Iamero

    WTS Grey Bushnell XRS II-i 4.5-30

    Illuminated G3 reticle, zero stop, all that good stuff that the XRS II has. Outstanding glass and an all around amazing optic (I used the HDMR II Pro on my match gun with the same glass). Comes in their grey color. I mounted this on my 338 NM but never even sighted it in. I had an opportunity...
  9. Iamero

    WTB 13” universal arca rail

    Would consider 11” if that exists or something close to that. Let me know what you’ve got.
  10. Iamero

    The Rest Of The Collection - New ammo deal with the 6.5 creeds!

    Hey guys, not much is sacred in my collection so the rest is up for grabs besides just a couple I’ll be keeping. Once I sell them all and regroup a little then I’ll be buying so you’re all in luck, haha. I wanted to make this worthwhile for someone, especially if you’re a newer shooter or...
  11. Iamero

    MDT ACC Chassis with custom cerakote - SOLD

    R700 SA, right hand. NO mag, bipod, or anything else is included, just the chassis. Some wear on the sharp edges from being used as a match rifle but nothing out of the ordinary for a usable chassis. Comes with bag rider and custom cerakote job. I love the chassis but my trainer doesn’t fit in...
  12. Iamero

    Fundraiser/Charity Sale - Assorted items (more will be added soon)

    Again, all the proceeds from these items are going to my buddy's dad's brain surgery fundraiser. Thanks for helping out, Hide! 1) Leupold R700 short action one piece base with 30mm rings. Like new, pulled off a build I did a LONG time ago - $40 shipped 2) Nightforce A129 4-screw 30mm top bubble...
  13. Iamero

    Fundraiser/charity sale - vortex diamondback 3-9x40

    My buddy’s dad has to have brain surgery soon and I’m helping him out with the fundraiser he has going by selling off some gear I’m not using. Anything listed under the “fundraiser charity sale” will be going to that cause. $115 and I’ll toss in a set of 1” rings for it I got off Amazon...
  14. Iamero

    (500) 30 cal 168gr Amax same lot

    I’m out of the 308 game for now and have enough SMKs around if I ever get back into it so these are up for grabs. They’re still all plastic wrapped together; same lot, etc. $155 shipped.
  15. Iamero

    PDC Custom Chassis Bronze

    Brand new, never been fielded. Only had a battled action in it as you can see. It’s for a R700 RH SA and clones (currently have a Tuebor in there). comes with NV bridge as well. Pretty set on trades right now unless you have a Timney or Volquartsen 10/22 trigger group. $800 shipped and I’ll...
  16. Iamero

    WTS once fired FGMM 260 Rem brass

    100 pieces of once fired 260. Standardized my guns to 6.5 creed and don’t need this anymore. $55 shipped in a flat rate USPS priority box.
  17. Iamero

    My 6.5 Creed PRS Lineup

    I’ve also got a 6 creed on Matt’s action so I think I’ll just rebarrel that one. I had these around as spares for friends and new shooters to use at matches but need to free up some more money for a long vacation after this election season. All three builds are brand new and identical except the...
  18. Iamero

    WTB Bushnell XRS II and 34mm rings

    Just looking for a good deal on a Bushnell XRS2. H59 would be top choice of reticle but open to G3 and T3 as well. Also needs two sets of 34mm rings around 1” height. Doesn’t need to be same brand. $125 or under per set please.
  19. Iamero

    Sig P320 Xfive Legion package - SOLD

    Got more handguns than I’ll shoot so this one is on the block to go to a new home. It comes with everything from factory including the rear sight plate. In great shape as you can see from the picture below. Comes with the following: - leupold delta point pro - (4) magazines. I think it’s (3) 17...
  20. Iamero

    Weird marks on my case neck. Any ideas?

    I took my die apart and cleaned it all. This is my first time using it but bought it used off the hide a while ago. Anyways, it’s leaving these vertical swipes around about 50% of the neck on every swipe. it’s deep enough you can feel it with my fingernail. Should I send it back to Forster or...