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  1. myronman3

    this has Bender written all over it... i heard tell he has a thing for these, but damn! that’s some high priced vintage right there.
  2. myronman3

    how long will it take the dems to kill the economy.....IF they get control?

    i sat and watched the market reach a new all time high the other day.....and i asked myself “on what is this based?”. a “vaccine” for a disease that is so horribly debilitating that you have to take a test to even know if you have it or not. it’d be fucking hilarious if it were not...
  3. myronman3

    remember these two twats? this is the way to stop this shit. start hitting offenders with the legal sledgehammer right between the eyes. and the poetic part? it’s using leftist bullshit against the lefties. “hate crimes” fucking...
  4. myronman3

    my third leg.......

    i can’t so much as sit down and this is what i have to endure. it’s hell, i tell ya.
  5. myronman3

    northwestern wisconsin 1000 yards

    i was at work yesterday, and got a nugget from a customer. i am doing follow up on it, but there may be a place in western wi that can shoot to 1000. my understanding is they rent it out, but i have no idea as to what they charge. i contacted them, left a message. if folks have any...
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    going to tap the knowlege base around here. i’ve been searching for a well bred rottweiler for a long time....years. i had a great dog years ago, but the breeder i got her from no longer breeds. despite my searching, i havent been able to find a breeder with quality stock, bred for...
  7. myronman3

    the hedgehog got #metoo-ed

    looks like they are after ron jeremy’s balls now. you seriously can’t make this shit up.
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    i dont follow nascar. at all. couldnt give a fuck less about it than i do now. just saw on the news some driver that is black supposedly found a noose in his area/car/whatever. here’s my question...... what’s the over/under that it turns out the guy (or one of his crew) did it...
  9. myronman3

    the CEO says we’re all racist

    the company i have worked for since 1996 sent out an email that i read today. essentially, he says we are all racist to to our action or inaction; no matter out intentional. **edit....i worked for them since 2000 as they bought the area from the previous company i started with. ** i am so...
  10. myronman3

    Smaller tractor brands

    Kinda chewing on getting a smaller sized tractor for the GF. Looking at brands like mahindra, LS, massey ferguson, etc. not a big fan of john deere-as the dealers here are fucking assholes and i think you pay a bunch just for the name. Looking to see what the folks here have...
  11. myronman3

    outdoor security cameras

    So the GF wants an outdoor camera system to watch her place. Also wants a camera to watch her hog birthing stall that is about 100 yards from the house. I’ve been looking online at the camera systems....then i figured i should come here and inquire to see what folks have and/or what they’d...
  12. myronman3

    Browning black label.....

    Man, i sure wish they’d make a steel frame gun. I’d have to have one. I like what they’re doing, but cant bring myself to buy one with a composite frame.
  13. myronman3

    dead pool

    No, not the charactor. As in....who is next to give up the ghost. I say hunter biden is living on borrowed time-i’ll be shocked if he makes it until june.
  14. myronman3

    should we start a pool on barr and durham suicided dates?

    As the title long before they are suicided twice in the back of the head?
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    How about a break from the usual bear pit fodder? I am thinking on getting me a dachshund puppy. Planning on training it for tracking. From those here who have had/currently have them, how hard are they to train? Housebreak? I’ve heard they can be stubborn. I did babysit one a few...
  16. myronman3

    Edc lights

    Whatcha got, and how do you like it? Pros and cons. I have a streamlight that works off 1 cr123. I think it is 350 lumins. Carried it for years, and the switch burned out on it. Called them up, sent in the old one, they sent me a new one. This sucker has all the black worn off it...
  17. myronman3

    nothing better than waking up to this kinda news...baltimore has one less rat

    Cummings dead. I can’t express how much i enjoy outliving these assholes. When the reaper taps these scumbags on the shoulder, i really enjoy that the world is rid of one more scumbag. Can’t wait until the clintons get theirs.
  18. myronman3

    I have a truck i want to donate to a charity.....suggestions?

    I have a vehicle that has more issues that i want to fuck with. I just can not bring myself to sell the damn thing because it has been a money pit from day 1. Worst vehicle i have ever phantom issue after another (gub’ment motors). At any rate, i figure the way out of me...
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    Swarovski EL 10x42

    Selling a pair of El 10x42 binoculars-not swarovision. Sent them into swarovski to have them gone over less than a month ago. Glass is perfect, no issues there. A few wear marks on the hinge, pics will show that. 1300 shipped (lower 48) Or will trade for 8x32 els. I recently...